Thursday, August 21, 2008


September will be another month that i'm really looking forward to come. yes, it is still August but let me share you this song by Kirk Franklin. it is the carrier single of the album "Interpretations : Celebrating the music of Earth Wind and Fire".
this is a revised version of "September" by Earth Wind and Fire. here's a link to the video. the lyrics is simply amazing.

Kirk Franklin

Do You Remember, When it was like September?
Before You Grew Cold Like December
And All You Saw were Cloudy Days

And I Remember, That Day When You gave up
You Stopped hurting Cuz You Remembered
The Season It Won't Last Always

Ba De Ya, Tell Me You Remember
Ba De Ya, When your Heart Felt Like September
Still Had The Joy, and God Was Just A Prayer Away

Ba Doo Doop Ba Doop, Ba Doo Doop Ba Doop
(I Can See Clearly Now)
Ba Doo Doop Ba Doop, Ba Doo Doop Ba Doop
(The Sun Is Much Brighter Now)
Ba Doo Doop Ba Doop
(The Season It Won't Last Always)

Seems Like Forever
You Said When Will My Life Get Better
I'm Tired Of Stormy Weather,
But The Sun Always Shine In May

So Just Remember,
The Next Time You Feel Like December
Remember That Night In September,
When God Wipe All your Tears Away

Ba De Ya, Tell Me You Remember
Ba De Ya, When Your Heart Feels Like September
Still Had The Joy, and God Was Just A Prayer Away (2x)

Everybody Has A September In Their Life.
You Know The First Time You Heart Gods Voice
So You Felt His Love
So No Mather What Season You End Up Right Now
after Winter Comes Springs...
So If You Love My Jesus Help Me Sing

Ba De Ya, Tell Me You Remember
Ba De Ya, In Your Heart Feels Like September
Still Had The Joy, and God Was Just A Prayer Away (2x)

Ba De Ya De Ya De Ya
( I can see clearly now)
Ba De Ya De Ya De Ya
(The sun is much brighter now)
Ba De Ya De Ya De Ya
(the season it wont last always)

(Ba De Ya De Ya De Ya) Ba Doo Doop Ba Doop, Ba Doo Doop Ba Doop
(I Can See Clearly Now)
(Ba De Ya De Ya De Ya) Ba Doo Doop Ba Doop, Ba Doo Doop Ba Doop
(The Sun Is Much Brighter Now)
(Ba De Ya De Ya De Ya) Ba Doo Doop Ba Doop,
(The Season It Won't Last Always)

happy birthday to "iggy"!


SandyCarlson said...

Wow! What a great but painful song and photo. Thanks. I'm looking forward to Sept., too.

Oman said...

dom, bilib ako sa mga pupuntahan mo sa september. try ko habol sa boracay. special month sakin september kasi birthday yan ni mama mary. may mga plano din akong puntahan sana magcross uli mga landas natin hehe. ingat sa biyahe.

eye in the sky said...

that would be somewhere up north (the photo on display), baguio most probably. said...

i felt like singing.... =)

looking forward to your september entries! way to go dong!

Photo Cache said...

Oh no! Not September! The minute September comes I know that the holidays are forthcoming and I am not ready for it yet :(

Raft3r said...

every time I hear this song naalala ko yun mga gimik nights namin sa Street Life

Unknown said...

wow september na... ang bilis ng panahon.. :D i like the berrrr months ! simula na ng holiday season... pero mas madaming bagyo :(

Carver said...

That's a beautiful photograph and song. I am ready for cooler weather which should start sometime in September/October.

Nanaybelen said...

berrrr naman.. christmas na ulit.

Vanessa said...

I love the song and I can dance to it. I have an awrd for you. Please claim the badge in my blog.

EM said...

September is the start of school here. And comes the fall season. I actually dread it kasi naman lalamig na naman dito. Konti nalang yelo na ulit and time to hibernate. brrrr...naiisip ko palang nagiginaw na ako. di bale, tingnan ko nalang yang mga picture ng sunny boracay mo!

Unknown said...

A lovely city!n

Pietro Brosio said...

Beautiful view and song.
Of September I like the clear and blue skies.

Karen Coutu said...

I love September too! My husband's and my birthday are in September plus it will be autumn here. That's my favorite season!!

Karen of the MomDot Street Team

Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...

Nice of you to translate the song if not I wouldn't know what it meant.
Have a good weekend Dong!

Anonymous said...

hanep sa kanta kuya dong!hehe. familiar ako sa kanta pero di ko alam yung title. i actually thought it's a ballad until i read the third stanza. naalala ko yung "ba de ya" tapos yun kinanta ko na talaga. hehe.

lagal[og] said...

first time i heard the updated song, i thought it was nice but maybe it's just me, i sometimes think today's musicians are running out of melodies. but then again, it's a nice way to let the newer generation discover the old gems.

anyway, the "ber" months are coming, like it or not :-)

atto aryo said...

ang ganda ng lights! parang mga alitaptap! :-)

alicesg said...

OMG, September coming? Time passes fast. I am aging and I think I need an eye check up cause I spotted a flying saucer in my skywatch today. :)

stan said...

Come sep I move into my new pad! It's a superbly exciting period after this current hectic schedule of work and attending to renovations and purchases for the house.

The song is a remake rite?

Joshua said...

iba naman ang trip ah! night out astig!:D

RedLan said...

dong: nakinig muna ako sa song bago mag comment. hehehe. sarap sabayan ng kanta at sayaw pero unfortunately hindi ako maunong. lmao. parang narinig ko na to sa isang tv show eh. hehehe. parang sa game ka na ba.

lawstude: birthday ni mama mary daw oh. 1st week of september ang birthday ni mamay mary. ka-birthday siya ng dalawa kong high school friends. actually marami ang isinilang sa sept. 08. Sama ka na kay dom sa bcd, iloilo, at bora. hehehe

Ely said...

the photo, looks like a Baguio nightscape...

Tink *~*~* said...

Well, THAT took me back to high school! :D

Tink *~*~*

Anonymous said...

Yay. reminds me of the upcoming concert of EWF mamaya... was supposed to go but I need to cancel it because I have a schedule in the office pala. T_T oh well...

i like that song, btw

BlogusVox said...

Always looking forward on this month. It's a sign that the "hot" months are over at papasok na ang tag-lamig. Brrrrrr.

GingGoy said...

ayaw ko ng september kasi maririnig ko na naman mga songs of the season daw of an over-commercialized holiday bereft of its true meaning :(

wanderingcommuter said...

love this song...

at lalo lang ako nainggit!

Dakilang Islander said...

yayyy simula na pala ng ber...pasko na naman! huhuhuh pangalawang pasko ko na dito di pa rin ako makauwi

Admin said...

Naks naman...

Basta ang September sa akin, hindi maganda kasi ang dami kong gagawin sa month na ito..


The Islander said...

wake me up when september ends ayos din. by green day yan. hehe.

baka magtampo si agosto nyan. di pa man sya tapos e parang bagot ka na sa kanya. haha.

good luck sa pipelined travels sa september.


i wonder what theme you'll have for next month.

mgaputonimimi said...

september pala ang title non! now ko lang nalaman.

saan po kayo ng nakuha nyo ang picture?

Lalaine said...

malapit na nga september... kaya dahil dyan sa song eh may blog award ka sakin... hehe corny :D

gawin mo na lang po kapag libre ka na gumawa. :D

Lalaine's World

Boying Opaw said...

wow kaayo ang over-looking na view. wow. wow.

.::. Vanny .:. said...

hala.. naunahan naman ako magpost nitong song na to.. hehehe..

ipopost ko pa lang sana to kc eto lagi namen kinakanta ng Buddy ko..

Ba De Ya! hehehe.

Rio said...

great song..napapakanta tuloy ako...hehe

Anonymous said...

Yes I am looking forward to this month.. Its my birthday now hihihi... :)

Heart of Rachel said...

I love Earth, Wind and Fire. I watched them in concert when they went here a few years ago. September is one of their greatest songs that I love.

Thanks for sharing this revised version. I'll check out the video.

Anonymous said...

hey dong, this is one of my fave songs to dance to ;-)

pusangkalye said...

Looks like Baguio CIty at night to me. You see, We spent New Year of 2008 in Baguio somewhere in Magsaysay area and the view is just amazing because of the hill below. Really looks like this except that of coarse there are a lot of fireworks. T'was amazing....


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