Monday, July 21, 2008

comics dominates the top box office

for a break from the travel series, i'm excited to watch movies based on comics which are in this week's top ten box office. we have No. 1 "The Dark Knight", No. 5 "Hellboy 2: The Golden Army" and No. 8 "Wanted". i collected many Batman series in the past years of which my favorite are those drawn by Jim Lee. the last two series that i've collected is "Batman Hush" written by Jeph Loeb and "Batman and Robin" written by Frank Miller. both comics features Jim Lee's unfading drawings. Mike Mignola's Hellboy is also a favorite as i collected the "Hellboy: Weird Tales" series which featured drawings of many artists which includes John Cassaday. also one of my favorite comic artist. this series also featured Filipino artist Leinil Yu. they say that this sequel is far better than the last one.

i can't wait to watch these movies this week. the movie "Wanted" has been receiving really good reviews even from people who don't collect comics. i was not able to collect this series.


Anonymous said...

excited na rin ako to watch the dark knight. sobrang ganda raw.

EM said...

LOL... i can also remember when i was young ... these marvel comics are such a big hit.

Can't blame you for falling head over heals on them for they are quite good and entertaining. I still like fantasy stories and heroes are my favorite.

We also hope to watch tose soon!

RedLan said...

uy try ko mag watch ng dark knight. parang maganda nga.

narinig ko ang pag-collect ng comic book series ay expensive tapos nagiging mahal raw kapag ibenta mo?

escape said...

>hi ifoundme, ako din. sabi nga nila ganda ng movie.

>hi em, i would like to know your favorite superheroes. i've been collecting since i was in grade school.

>redlan, expensive nga. nagsimula ako nung grade school. nagiging expensive nga lalo na't alagang alaga mo ang mga ito. kaya yung mga comics ko ay talagang nakatago sa maayos na case. hehehe...

Abou said...

ang malas ko naman
walang sinehan dito sa amin

EM said...

I sure remember Captain America, Aquaman and wonder woman. Now, I like wolverine, storm and professor x. The more current Heroes show on TV is okay too.

Wow...those collections will probably be very expensive now.

Photo Cache said...

I was not into comic books but I make it a point to see these movies, either on screen or on dvd. Dark Knight is lording it over every one else at the box office right now.

dave said...

wah! its been a while since my last visit... i guess we are of similar plans... i already watched wanted and its one of a kind because you see more of angelina(not the usual seductive and hot momma)... hehehe... cant wait for sunday to watch the dark night and soon hellboy... heheh..

Unknown said...

i'm also looking forward to see the dark knight! i read a different kind of comics growing up...kung di 'wakasan', i read illustrated classics kaya di ko na-enjoy ang batman, or marvel comics characters until i saw them on the big screen. i enjoyed 'wanted'... angelina jolie's sexy-cool, graceful kick ass character was fun to watch.:D

Pietro Brosio said...

I think I should see with pleasure a dvd of these.


sa thurs... batman na!!!!!

Anonymous said...

napanuod ko na yung WANTED. hmmm.. yeah maganda siya. pero after the movie ko na lang nalaman na nasa comics din pala siya when i researched about wanted.

the dark knight is the best so far that i have watched this year. next is the air I breathe and sex and the city..

yun hancock okay din. he hehe

yung hellboy mukhang malabo nang mapanood. wala na akong pera eh. hahaha!

Raft3r said...

di ako nakapanood the batman d2 ng 1st day
pucha sold out lahat
pati yun midnight screenings

nagyon excited naman ako sa xfiles 2
scully, marry me

escape said...

>abou, hintayin mo na lang sa vcd/dvd. pero maganda pa rin syang panoorin sa sinehan.

>hi em, parang kababata yata tayo. hehehe... heroes is also nice. most of the characters were influenced from the classic super heroes comics.

medyo expensive na nga but it needs a ot of care.

>photo cache, that's what's good with movies. people who don't appreciate reading comics have all the chance to watch them in movies.

>dave, oo nga. ok din yan kasi focus ka sa pag aaral. inaabang ko nga update sa blog mo.

nagmo-movie marathon talaga ngayon ang mga tao.

>hi luna, wow! medyo matagal na nga yon. pero may naabutan pa din naman akong wakasan at mga funny comics. im really looking forward to watching wanted.

>pietro, that would be great! i think you need some really good audio system for these.

>jasper, astig! excited ka na rin pala.

>kingdaddyrich, astig! dami mo na palang napanood. maganda nga ang hancock. batman will definitely beat ironman and kung fu panda in the box office.

panoorin mo pa rin ang hellboy kahit sa dvd na.

>raft3r, sabi nga sa news ubusan na talaga ng tickets ng batman sa U.S. dyan din pala.

ayan inaabangan na rin ang x files.

Shawie said...

comics has been around for soo looong that people are just too excited to bring back those excitement & fantasies of a super hero:)

Anonymous said...

Oh you should watch "Journey to the center of Earth". Very nice one. Also Mama Mia is nice to watch as well. :)

Rio said...

ayannnnn...makakapagrelax na si kuya dong!=)

gustuhin ko mang mangolekta ng marvel comics nung bata ako e can't afford kami kaya funny komiks lang ang koleksyon ko=)

jericho said...

andaming magandang panoorin. nakakbutas ng bulsa .. hehe

Anonymous said...

I grew up reading comics. From Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash and other Justice Leaguers in DC to X-men, Hulk, Spiderman etc in Marvel. The only difference is that Marvel is a bit more complicated to follow the story line if you haven't read the previous episodes but well thought naman ang narrative except on the Silver Surfer. Masyadong weird na sa taste ko.

Anonymous said...

di ko alam na Wanted was taken from comics. tsk, tsk. tagalog komiks lang kasi kino-collect ni ermat nun. hehe. di ko napanood ang Wanted pero di ko palalampasin ang Dark Knight.

escape said...

>hi shawie, kaya salamat sa movie industry.

>hi equi, talaga? sige try ko ring panoorin yan. yung mama mia napanood na ng nanay ko at gustong gusto nya pero hindi ko pa napapanood.

>hi doc rio, nakapagcollect din ako nun. hehehe... kaya lang hindi ko na alam kung buhay pa yung mga yon.

>jericho, tama ka dyan.

>blogusvox, oo nga. yung dc kasi mas maganda ang mga characters. yon nga lang kung minsan namatay na tapos nabubuhay na naman ulit. i highly recommend you to read "kingdom come" ni alex ross and mark waid. one of the best that i've collected.

complicated nga talaga lalo na kung ginagawa na syang movie kasi iniiba din ang kwento.

>beero, hehehe... ako din naman nakapagcollect din ng mga pinoy comics. sana mapapanood mo rin ang wanted kahit sa vcd/dvd na. matagal pa nga lang yon.

Oman said...

wow batman lang nabalitaan ko dito. hintayin ko na lang to sa dvd kasi di ako mahilig manood sine. sabi mga friends ko the best batman movie daw to. can't wait to watch it.

Karen Coutu said...

It's fun seeing some of your collection. My husband use to collect comic books when he was younger, but has since sold them all. I hope you never have to.

Anonymous said...

The dark knight movie was awesome. nice post!

escape said...

>lawstude, oo. at least yung batman wag mong palampasin.

>hi karen, really? that's sad. i would have bought that instead!

>luke, looks like you've watched it on its first screening. thanks for dropping by.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hubby and I watched Wanted a week ago and we both enjoyed the fast paced movie. Last night we watched The Dark Knight. It's spectacular! We decided not to bring Yohan even though he's a big fan of Batman because we felt he was too young to be exposed to all those violent scenes.

escape said...

>hi rachel, many people are giving two thumbs up to the movie "the wanted". i also agree that yohan is too young for those violent scenes.

The Scud said...

for a non-comic book fan, the dark knight blew me away. galing!

the hellboy sequel received good reviews from the new york times and Noel Vera.

escape said...

>ey scud! nice to know you're in the blogosphere too. im back from all the weekend trips but still busy.


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