Thursday, June 19, 2008

your island experience - be part

before i end the bantayan series and show you a part of Cebu city, i'd like to know your most memorable island experience. it's time for other people to know some of the best islands that you've here are the rules:

1. name three islands in the Philippines that you love most. if you haven't been to any of the islands in the Philippines, you can share the islands of your own country or from the other countries that you've visited before.

2. just name the islands that you've visited. don't include the islands that you are still planning to visit. let's reserve that for our future post.

3. after naming your three favorite islands, share your experience.

4. just post it as a comment and at the end of this post, i will compile it and make one official post of all your escapades here.

that's it! share those experiences now.

thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

Boracay - one of the best part of my experience here basically is my childhood days. I am lucky to see the Boracay not too commercialized unlike now. My mom is from this province and we have a house there as well. Giving us the best experiences of the Old Boracay.

Dinagat Island- a small island near Surigao. My grandmother (father side) has a house here. We are able to enjoy the sea just like the Siargao.

Corregidor - a place where I got the chance to go back and see the relics of the Japanese invasion.

Oman said...

this has gotta be an island so i will rule out the larger ones (like the entire luzon and mindanao) that i also love to vivit.

1. Island of Siquijor - the mystery is just appealing. everything in it is amazing.

2. Martha's Island - although not the fanciest island in the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan, this island is memorable because and we had this island all to ourselves when we went there.

3. The Island in Palawan that has the Underground River - really just amazing. it has cave, beach, forest that will keep you exploring.

escape said...

>hi equi,
1.boracay>> wow! everybody wants to reminisce those times when boracay was not as busy. you're indeed lucky to have seen it during those times.

2.dinagat island>> my plan next year is to focus my trips on mindanao islands. this might be a good option.

3.Corregidor>> never seen this island yet. they say it's overrated but im still interested in visiting it but it's not yet on my priority list.

thanks equi! you've chosen one from luzon, visayas and mindanao. nice picks.

1.island of siquijor, yes, as many say. a really good option for many backpackers.

2.martha's island>> we did island hopping in the hundred islands but we didn't dock at martha's island. we took time swimming at governor's island and quezon island. we should have considered martha's island.

3.palawan>> almost everyone is amazed by the beauty that it offers. although other surrounding islands are beautiful, we can't miss out this big island.

Anonymous said...

Yes, in fact I also suggest you try Mapun in Tawi-Tawi even those in Bongao resorts are fine. However when you choose going to Mapun, please be reminded that you need to have 72 hours boat ride going there using the Jolo Strait. But if your coming from Malaysia (Sandakan), it will be like 3 hours only.

Batanes is also a very nice place. I want to go back there again.

Then Camiguin is also nice and like lawstude says Siquijor is great too. And Camotes Island is also great... :)

Hmm if ever you plan to go to Corregidor, can I come with you? I want to go back here again.

Karen Coutu said...

I have never had the pleasure of visiting the Philippines. In fact, I have not done much traveling in recent years. These are my 3 favorites:

Grand Bahamas Islands (Port Lucaya) - My husband (boyfriend at the time) surprised me with a trip to the Bahamas. This was over ten years ago and it was the last "real" vacation we've taken.

Montreal, Canada - I went with my best friend when I was 18 years old. It was my first time traveling without my family.

Cape Cod, MA - I actually use to think it was a beautiful place before I lived there for a couple of years. It became so crowded during the summers from all the tourists that I felt like a sardine.

atto aryo said...

1. Capul Island, Capul, N. Samar (he he. hometown ko kaya yan). Punta ka dun!

2. Boracay of course.

3. the entire island of Bohol!

eastcoastlife said...

I used to go to Manila often on business trips, and because my trips are short, I have no time to visit the lovely islands in the Philippines.

Islands I have visited :

Sentosa Island, Singapore
I'm Singaporean, so must recommend my country's island. kakaka....

Beautiful sexy girls in bikinis and muscled young hunks playing volleyball on white sandy beach....

It's in a mess right now but come year 2009, there will be Universal Theme Park and a Casino. Wheee!! Come visit us!

Pangkor, Malaysia
That was years ago. Gosh. 2 decades. It was unspoilt and I love the long stretch of sandy white beach.

Batam, Indonesia
45 minutes boat ride from Singapore. Haven for the men because of the flourishing prostitute trade.

I went to a resort with my family. Yummy seafood and it was a relaxing holiday in the resort, they have many activities for their guests. Outside of the resort, it wasn't safe.

escape said...

>hi equi, medyo delikado nga lang talaga ngayon sa tawi tawi sulu area. kaya kahit maganda wla pa akong plano dun. hehehe... camiguin is a really nice volcanic island. no one will not fall in love with batanes.

no plans for corregidor yet. but i'll be informing you once i visit that island.

1. capul island>> anong meron don? sabi nga sa akin ni oggie dami daw maganda sa samar. hanggang san juanico bridge lang kasi ko nung nakapunta ako dun. our destination was really ormoc.

2.boracay>> beach party!!!

3.bohol>> has so much to offer. i want the caves (not so popular) but i saw it in one travel show. kaka enganyo talaga.

salamat sa list mo!!!

>hi eastcoastlife, sentosa island is very popular here because most of the filipinos really make sure they visit sentosa when they go to singapore. i've seen it in pictures many times.

a theme park will surely boost tourists!

>pangkor>> never heard of this but imagining your description it tells me of how beautiful it is.

>batam>> looks like a good place and perfect for adventure lovers.

thanks for sharing these! i hope you get to see our islands soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah medyo delikado nga lang but I am glad to see this place already.. Specially the "turtle island"... :)

Anonymous said...

kuya dong!!! what a beautiful shot!!!

Rochelle said...

Hmmmm... been to Hundred Islands. Loved it. Haven't been able to travel too much in the Philippines but have been to the Islands in Micronesia and lived on Guam. I miss being in the Pacific. It's so beautiful!!

Julienne said...

samal pa lang ang napuntahan ko =)

Anonymous said...

Haha! interesting Question. Hmmm.. ang hirap ata. Pero here's what comes to mind.

Basilan Malamawi - ngayon lang ako nagpunta ng beach na me military escort. kahit pag naglalakad ako sa stretch sinusundan parin ako ng sundalo. hehe. Kelan na ba balik natin dun :P

Sabtang Island - where being stranded for 2 days is a good excuse to live among the locals

Siquijor - love that little mysterious island :D

Shoshana said...

This is such a great idea...I'll have to think of it because I've only been to a few, but I have to choose between them.

SandyCarlson said...

I wish I could participate! I'll have to be content to read for now and hope to see your beautiful country someday.

Anonymous said...

My favourites are a mix but certainly memorable.

1. Caballo Island (off Corregidor)- This is an ammunition dump of the AFP/PN. Not a tourist kind of place as it is a restricted area but there is a tunnel like place at the edge of the cliff where the water flows from 1 side to the other.

2. Grinda Island (Sweden)-A small summer resort island near Stockholm. Nice hiking trails where i gorged on wild raspberries. Heard there were nudists nearby but didn't see anything.

3. Goat Island (New Zealand)- This is a marine reserve near Auckland. While the beach does not compare with other neighboring beaches, you can hire snorkeling gear and get really close to the fish. The fish are friendly as they are used to being fed by humans (despite the no feeding signs).

RedLan said...

Ganda ng posing mo dong. ito pala ang time na kinunan mo yung beach yung nasa header mo.

yung 3 places na napuntahan ko na memorable sa akin ay:

Dumaguete city- at ito ang post

Boracay island-

Guimaras island-

am looking forward to ur next adventure dom!

Pietro Brosio said...

I also wish I could participate, but for now I am just reading. Hope of course to see your splendid country in the future. You are posting a really wonderful series of interesting views.

Anonymous said...

Ganda ng pic Kuya

escape said...

>hi equi, you are lucky enough! turtle island is a dream destination.

>hi acey, hehehe... talikogenic.

>hi rochelle, wow! tghose are really great islands. i really want to go to micronesia, palau and the french polynesia (bora bora) plus the maldives.

i love the hundred islands although it doesn't offer much for snorkelers but it's really worth seeing those islands and its fine white sand!

>hi aracir, samal pa lang? ok nga yon kasi hindi lahat basta basta nakakapunta dun. im planning to go there next year.

>ferdz, hehehe... alam kong pinahirapan kita dahil tatlo lang ang hiningi ko (sa dami ba naman ng napuntahan mo).

1. basilan malamawi>> ayos! saan ka pa? hehehe... pero syempre kailangan mo talaga yon. maraming salamat sa pagsama nito sa list mo. kelan ang balik natin??? next year kasi target ko mindanao next year.

2. sabtang island>> oo nga. sino nga ba naman ang may ayaw na ma stranded dyan.

3. siquijor>> ito rin isa sa mga plano kong puntahan. sayang talaga kasi dati madalas kong dinadaanan ang dumaguete kaya lang hindi ko man lang naisipan na puntahan ito.

salamat sa pagsali dito sa list.

>hi shoshana, sure. take time. i'll look forward to your list.

>hi sandy, no problem. thanks for dropping by.

1. caballo island>> ngayon ko lang to narinig. hindi pa din kasi ako nakapunta sa corregidor. bihira nga ang may nakakapunta dyan.

2. grinda island>> ayos yung mga trekking. i enjoy trekking as much as i enjoy snorkeling. this is definitely a nice island.

3. goat island>> very interesting. i enjoy the company of fishes. specially the medium sized ones coming in groups. i'll probably appreciate this island.

such nice places to be in your list. something you can really be thankful.

>redlan, salamat. dyan nga banda kinuha yung banner pero facing sta fe yon.

1. dumaguete (negros)>> i've been to dumaguete a number of times but i never had the chance to explore the beaches and islands nearby. i heard that there's a great diving site there.

2. boracay>> still gaining the most number of counts here.

3. guimaras>> again i've been to iloilo several times but never had the chance to visit guimaras. during those times i was not yet interested in visiting beautiful islands.

thanks for sharing your list and the link posts that leads to your experiences.

>pietro, i really hope that you'll be able to visit the philippines.

>earvin, salamat. saya nga pala ng photoshoot mo.

.::. Vanny .:. said...

hala pano ako? eh super amnesianess ako. haha. nakakalimutan ko agad name ng island na napuntahan ko. tska puro sa luzon naman yun e.. :D

Anonymous said...

I'd never fulfill this tag coz the fartherst I have traveled down south is Dumaguete and that was 10,000 years ago and the farthest is Baguio LOL :) I've lots of making up to do with motherland :)

Anonymous said...

Should read "Farthest NORTH is Baguio "

Panaderos said...

Boracay - was there in the early 90s with a girlfriend. Loved walking on the white sands and enjoyed the sunsets.

Puerto Galera - stayed on Coco Beach Resort. I admired the corals and pristine beaches.

Corregidor - enjoyed a short trip there when I was 10 years old. I was awed by the history of the place.

escape said...

>hi vanny, hahaha... malimutin ka pala. ok lang. at least marami na rin naman ang napuntahan mo sa luzon. nakita ko yung lakbayan rating mo.

>bw, wow! ang tagal na nga non. kailangan nga talagang bumawi.

1. boracay>> proven na talaga isa sa charm ng boracay ay relaxing mood ng paglalakad sa sand ng naka paa. saya din kasi kasama mo ang girlfriend mo.

2. puerto galera>> maganda nga dyan lalo na kung makapunta ka sa apo reef. the philippines great barrier reef.

3. corregidor>> daming naka appreciate sa corregidor dahil sa kasaysayan nito. mas ma-aapreciate mo ang pag-aaral ng history.

salamat sa list!

Rio said...

gagawin ko yan kapag humarapa ka na s cam..hehehe...kahit 5 islands pa!! ingat! nagungulit lang=)

stan said...

It'll have to be Ko Phanghan in Thailand for me.
Reasons :
1) one of the many islands I'd visited on my 1st backpacking trip with complete strangers aka fun-loving Caucasians.
2)my 1st and only full-moon party - quite an eye-opener for someone from Singapore back then - the dancing from night til morning (I thought I was seeing things-bodies bobbing on the beach and in the waters like the night before- when I emerged from my hut at 6am++, strange drinks and other happenings on the beach, fireworks etc.
3) crystal clear waters and fine sand
4) 1st ever extensive beach bum experience - the Caucasians really know how to chill and have fun
5) my 1st real escape from "clinical" (as one of the backpackers I met described it) Singapore

Lyzius said...

1. bulalacao islets in mindoro...walang sinabi ang boracay at hindi pa sya naabuso ng mga tourist...

2. munting buhangin sa batangas

3. puerto galera...

ngapala about kay east coastlife, it so happen na im part of the project ng integrated resort/casino/theme park construction dito sa sinapore...yebah!

escape said...

>hi doc rio, eh nakaharap naman ako sa picture ko nung father's day post. kaya isama mo na ang mga favorite island mo. hehehe...

>sho, i never heard of Ko Phanghan. Sounds like a really good place. I'll need to research about this place. thailand has a lot to offer.

1. bulacao islets>> ngayon ko din lang to narinig. hindi pa kasi ako nakapunta dyan sa area na yan. ok nga talaga yung mga islands na bihira pang puntahan ng mga tao.

2. munting buhangin>> a simple low budget beach but beautiful place.

3. puerto galera>> cheaper than boracay and is more accesible than boracay in terms of land-roro trip.

salamat sa list mo. kakatuwa naman at malamang magkakasama na kayo ni eastcoastlife.

insulare said...

1. Bucas Grande Island, Surigao del Norte - i love Suhoton Cove more than any islands in Surigao

2. Siargao Island - i love the sugary fine white sands and the island hopping getaways.

3. Bohol Island - the island was fun and awesome. simply a tourism haven.

and btw, do check out we are nominated to the filipino blog of the week. if i wasnt a nominee too, ill vote for you. you deserve it more than i do. but since i was afraid nobody would care to vote for me, i did it for myself nalang. hehe

Heart of Rachel said...

1. Boracay - I fell in love with the white sand and pristine beaches.

2. Panay Island - I love how genuinely caring the people are from there. So many nice beaches and lovely sights.

3. Puerto Galera (Mindoro) - Beautiful place to relax and unwind. Very accessible and easy to go to.

escape said...

1. bucas grande island>> islands in surigao really entices me because of the many people that recommends me to visit this place. ill consider this island as an option.

2. siargao island>> famous for its surfing sites. i'll be into basic surfing this year to prepare a major surfing adventure in siargao. island hopping will also be great activity! I'll inform you when i'll be going to Siargao.

3. bohol island>> an adventure island as well. there are caves there that im really looking forward to enter.

thanks for sharing your list! this helped me pick up islands in mindanao that i'm targeting to visit next year. thank you for voting. i'll check it out.

>hi rachel,
1. boracay>> pristine white sand beach and best party island.

2. panay>> this island offers a lot since it is big. you'll be in love with the culture and some protected areas.

3. puerto galera>> accesibility and the many bars and restaurants makes it interesting.

thanks for sharing your list rachel!

BlogusVox said...

Boracay - I'm from that province, syempre "love your own".

Guimarras - Mango, mango and more mango.

Corrigidor - History freak ako. Especially Philippine history.

Dakilang Islander said...

mactan island - small but offers a lot!! int'l airport, mall, export zones but when you head to the other side lot of beach, hilton, plantation etc

cebu - heheh luv my own pa rin..but really proud of Cebu, dami kasing hotel guest namin sa dubai na kung pinoy ang staff ang unang sabi they've been to cebu at maganda daw...

bohol...medyo exotic pa kasi ang dating

i know there's still lot of beautiful islands in our country waiting to be explored...ang dami na nasa waiting list ko pa

escape said...

1. boracay>> swerte mo naman. lapit nyo lang pala doon.

2. guimaras>> yes. i heard that this island offers really good and tasty mangoes. probably one of the best mangoes in the country.

3. corregidor>> nice place to remember the battle against the japanese.

thanks for sharing your list.

1. mactan>> i also love this island. even though it doesn;t have natural white sand but the resort here are world class. the neighboring olango island is one of my favorite.

> cebu>> an island rich in history specially how the philippines accepted christianity. now a beautiful booming city.

> bohol>> this island will soon be considered an adventure island. its caves are not yet disturbed. making me want to explore it one day.

dami pa talagang yaman ang pinas! salamat sa list mo.

lagal[og] said...

ang hirap naman dom. there are so many! but i will attempt:

- batanes (any of the 3 major islands will do) where the weather is king and the inclement weather becomes a good excuse to take the day or week off. i really feel at home here because if you befriend one ivatan, you have a coterie of friends in the network to welcome you :-)

- siquijor, my contact there said i may have unwittingly be bewitched by this island. maybe she's right because i love it there, tales of witchcraft and all.

- camiguin, i have a predilection for island provinces for reasons beyond my logical thinking. again, this place is a good place to think of a languid life, a lot of time doing nothing and interacting with the locals.

escape said...

>oggie, alam kong mahihirapan ka talaga dito. hehehe... kaya lang tatlo lang talaga muna. lahat

1. batanes group of islands, very interesting. parang kailangan ko talagang puntahan ito. kakatuwa naman ang mga kababayan nating ivatan.

2. siquijor, ito nga ang isa sa mga unique na isla ng pinas. ilang bese akong nagbyahe ng dumaguete hindi ko man lang dinaanan ang islang ito.

3. camiguin, talaga? hindi ko pa naman sinama ito sa top three list kong pupuntahan sa mindanao next year. napapaisip tuloy ako.

maraming maraming salamat bro! isa ka kasi sa mga frequent byahero na blogger. at syempre idol sa photography.

kegler747 said...

You should go to Camiguin. It's my favorite province here in our country :)

Jaki Gabayno said...

1. Romblon - my hometown
2. Palaui Island in Sta Ana Cagayan
3. outlying islands off El Nido town


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