Thursday, June 12, 2008

island hopping - hilantaga-an island

it was time for us to leave the island but we kept on talking about how beautiful the corals and the creatures are. we set aside our diving masks and snorkels as we look forward to see our next destination.Hilantaga-an island was our final stop for the island hopping. if the Virgin island maintained a serene environment, this island is busy because it is occupied by fishermen. you will see houses and fishing boats along its shoreline but the water is still clear.what's good is that the officials of Bantayan opened this island to the locals for them in order to keep them from occupying the well preserved Virgin island. but a large part of this island are still haven for snorkeling.since we spent so much time snorkeling at the Virgin island, we decided to return to Sugar Beach resort in Bantayan island while closely passing by Hilantaga-an.
the view of Bantayan island from afar reminds us of our independence to freely travel and enjoy the 7,107islands that our country offers. today we celebrate and commemorate our independence. 110years of Philippine independence. happy Independence day!


RedLan said...

happy independence day dom!

Ganda nong bahay sa dagat. mapupuntahan ba yan? the number 1 and 7 pics are most of my fave.

honey said...

I really like to watch those that go snorkeling-BUT I'm afraid of water...baka bigla kasi may shark tapos kakagatin paa ko..agoooyyyyyy..hahahah..Just being silly....

Happy Indepence day dong..
Btw,I added you up in my site, hope you'll add me too.

L.Reis said...

Have you find a piece of our lost paradise? :)
So beautiful...!

SandyCarlson said...

I love the perpsective of these photos. I feel I am gliding along with you in the water. They are very peaceful.

Aisha said...

Ohh Yeah! I totally forgot today is the day of our country! Have to blog it. You have great shots! Beautiful beach! Love them.

EM said...

I've always loved the beach... that's the one i missed most! Nakakainggit ka naman!!!

enjoy anyway maski iniinggit mo kami....hehe

Karen Coutu said...

Love the shot of your gear. Great angle!

That does look like a very busy island. What a beautiful place it is.

Happy Independence Day!!!

escape said...

>redlan, hindi sya bahay. isang guardhouse para sa area ng pagbabantay sa Virgin island.

happy happy independence day!

>hi honey, many people do imagine that. i sometimes imagine that also but i got used to it already. hehehe... happy independence day! sure. thanks for adding me in your blogroll.

>l.reis, yes. definitely. more beautiful if you were there yourself.

>hi sandy, thanks. im happy that it helps you become part of that journey.

>hi aisha, thanks! im glad this blog reminded you of this special day.

>hi em, i hope this photos will convince you to visit the island too.

>hi karen, yes. it is a busy island. thanks for your greetings!


Anonymous said...

Been watching all these photos ... man, I'm impressed ... what a stunning place that is!
Wish I could be there.
Happy Independence Day.

Dakilang Islander said...

oo nga pala independence day na sa atin...tnx for reminding

escape said...

>quinttarantino, a very beautiful island. thanks for the greetings!

>dakilang islander, happy independence day!

Anonymous said...

Great place for snorkeling ! THe place looks unspoiled - so pristine :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you got some use out of those goggles. very nice post!

escape said...

>bw, yes. they value their sea so much.

>luke, hahaha... of course we did.

Rio said...

Belated Happy Independence Day!!

Dong, about travelling ba ang seminar na pinuntahan mo?? lol

kakatakot naman yung nipa na nasa gitna ng dagat pero mukhang relaxing kung gusto magpahinga=)

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm sure snorkeling in such rich waters was an experience worth remembering.

Eric said...

I've never been to that island but my sister-in-law was from there and I used to have a classmates from there.....I heard from them that fishing are the main works of the people and Bantayan is among the islands of Visayas who produces good fish...they have nice beaches too..

escape said...

>hi doc rio, hehehe... hindi naman. puro kasi pasyal nakikita mo. yung nipa hut ay gurad tower ng isla. hindi ko alam kung pwedeng akyatin pero parang masarap nga magpahinga dun.

belated independence day doc!

>hi rachel, it is one of the best birthday gift i've received this year. one great snorkeling experience.

>eric, yes. yun nga ang kanilang kabuhayan dun. a very nice island kasi hindi pa ganun ka busy. bantayan is one of the major producers of danggit. sana makabisita ka din doon. it's worth it.

Aisha said...

Hi Dong, Would love to feature you in my blog. Let me know if you're up to it. Got a couple of post of featured bloggers, you can visit and see if you want to. Just let me know.

escape said...

>hi aisha, sure. no problem. that would be great! btw, i like your new header.

Maya said...

hi,DonG. checking again your I.T. in here.
Sorry, i'm not so into blog now.plan change again... i might be in PI this July.I was hospitalized last month still in recuperating mode.

anyway any suggestion for an island hopping backpacker style ha?


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