Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cebu's capitol

one of the most powerful landmark in Cebu City will definitely be its provincial capitol. located at the tip of the stretch of the Osmena boulevard along Escario street. it was built in 1937 as a symbol of Cebu's growth as a province.inside the capitol, you will see paintings that depicts Cebu's history. Cebu city being the oldest city in the Philippines was first reigned by rajahs and tribal rulers. now the province is headed by Governor Gwendolyn Garcia. she is one of the most influential person and the first woman governor of Cebu.the capitol stands both as a landmark and a powerful structure for the Cebuanos. on one side you will see a statue of Lapu-Lapu, the Philippines' first national hero.

dawn trippin

flying at dawn is my personal choice because other than being cheaper, it usually gives me the chance interact with people waiting for the earliest flight of the day. they are usually overseas Filipino contract workers going home to their province.
when i arrived at the centennial airport i decided to read a magazine and take a nap instead to save some energy. i brought with me "abugee" who has been traveling with me for 4years now. it is named after our favorite cat who died when i was 10years old. NAIA terminal 2 opens at 2:00am. it also called the Centennial airport built in commemoration of the celebration of the 100th year of Philippine Independence. i like this airport because of its stable operating system and its new facilities. traveling with Asia's first commercial airline, the Philippine Airlines, is a plus. but i also traveled with Cebu Pacific Air and Air Philippines several times. we boarded the plane at 4:05am as it left Manila by 4:30am bounded for Cebu. it's just an hour flight to the Mactan-Cebu Internaional Airport. what's best when traveling at dawn is the sunrise view from the plane.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

flying out to the south

few hours from now i'll be flying out to the queen city of the south, Cebu city. i'll be there for 8days and 7nights. the last time i've been to this city was way back 2002 making this return very special. first part is a conference and the second part will be an island getaway. sorry guys because i won't be able to blog hop in the coming days coz i decided not to bring sigma5 (my laptop).
just keep in touch as i'll capture Cebu's night scenes to see what the queen city of the south can offer at night. i just hope for good weather. i'll be back in Manila by May 29.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

peak hours

i was searching for a place where different modes of land transportation can be seen. i found Pasay rotonda interesting because people usually transfer from one mode of transportation to another in this crossing. people from the MRT (Metro Rail Transit) transfers to the LRT (Light Railway Transit) some take the bus and the rest takes the jeepney.when you are in Metro Manila, you need to know what mode of transportation will take you to your destination faster. at peak hours the buses are full, the rail transits are overcrowded making people decide to go home late to avoid heavy traffic.

sometimes the word traffic is misused. road traffic simply means the amount of vehicles passing a particular area. heavy traffic refers to a congested traffic flow.

Monday, May 19, 2008

i don't smoke

passing by one of the street vendors i noticed that most of the candies and the bubble gums were well arranged. i rarely see vending box as organized as this on the streets.i also realized one thing, i don't eat or consume any thing being sold in this box. i don't like candies and bubble gums even when i was a kid. last time i ate bubble gum was when i had my first flight years years back. i like chocolates but there's none here.

cigarette? no. thanks!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

fare increase

as the gas prices increases the profit of a typical public utility jeepney driver decreases. it's already the third time that the gas price increased in just three weeks. but jeepney and bus fares are expected to rise by Wednesday (May 21).photo is taken in one of jeepney's money hole.

two teams to beat

L.A. Lakers is on the waiting list for the NBA Western conference. it's two more teams to beat to regain the NBA title for this season. personally, i want Lakers to face Hornets in the Western conference and the Celtics in the finals.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

message sent

cook text cook again.i don't know how often we get to see "message sent" in our cellphone. in the Philippines alone it looks like about 80% of the working Filipinos already have cellphone because i learned that you can now buy a second hand cellphone for as low as P500 or $12 and you can find loading stations almost everywhere.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

traffic flow - in motion

here's a traffic flow from stop to go and stop again. if you are in Manila you'll be used to it. sometimes you can finish several chapters of a book, sleep for more than an hour and it can sometimes torture your fingers when texting.
donG hO's "in motion" - is a series of photos taken in one place.

ornament at night

trees serves as a shade during the day and a perfect ornament at night.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

we are under construction

building constructions are one of my favorite subject for photos because i get to see these buildings in this form for just a short time. after its construction, we get to see its best form.very similar to life. while we are here on earth, we are simply being formed and molded to become something we were really meant to be. something better. something more valuable.

Monday, May 12, 2008

living by the water cocktail night

i just attended Ferdz' first photo exhibit at the Filipinas Heritage Library in Makati. i should say that it was a successful cocktail night to open the 15-day photo exhibit. it featured high quality monochrome photos of people, stilt houses and boats of different towns in the Philippines.
i also had the chance to meet fellow bloggers Lagal[og], Erick, Millie and of course Ferdz. it was my first time to meet and chat with other bloggers who i only communicate through the internet.

check out these photos at the exhibit which will run until May 27. congratulations Ferdz!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

mi nana su nana

i honor my mother for being able to raise up for boys making her really a mother to all our barkadas*. my friends are close my mother because everytime they visit our house she treats them like her own children. some would even consider themselves as adopted sons of our family. we are blessed to have her in the family because she has been very faithful to us and to my dad for 38years now.

for this post allow me to honor all the mothers in the world and since i'm featuring nightscape for the month of may, i would specifically like to dedicate this post to this woman.
this is manang Nina or short for Antonina, a 55year old sidewalk vendor. she sells candies, coffee and other sidewalk items from 9:00pm till 6:00am because they are only allowed to occupy this area between this time. in the morning she serves her family specially her husband mang Bonifacio who has asthma. she used to do laundry and ironing job but decided to be a vendor instead for her to have enough time to take care of his husband. that's love and dedication.we remember the love and the dedication that our mother gives to us and to our father that even extends to our relatives, neighbors and friends. and we cannot forget Mary's dedication to Jesus and her obedience to God.

happy mother's day!

*barkadas - group of friends
note: nana = mother

Saturday, May 10, 2008

gas price soaring

gasoline and diesel prices goes up again today. from P41.98 to P42.98 per liter or nearly $1 per liter in the Philippines. i suggest that you commute when traveling. usually a regular car can occupy 5people while a bus can occupy about 50people. imagine how much gas we can save from commuting.we can even save more if we take the rail transit but again not all roads have these and you often end up standing while traveling. you can as well arrange carpool with your relatives, friends and neighbors when going to the office.

biking and jogging is recommended early morning or late afternoon
for short distance traveling. we not only save money because we are at the same time emitting almost zero pollution.

Friday, May 9, 2008

myanmar struggling

looking at yesterday's blurry sky at dusk led me to think of myanmar's tragic experience of cyclone Nargis. thousands died and thousands are still missing. the tragedy doesn't end there as the survivors struggles from food shortage and even battles for malaria and diarrhea in the Philippines, we experience super typhoons but not as worst as this. death toll is still rising. let's hope that there will be more survivors from the missing list.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

one tired night

after their performance, they still have to wait for some time for the results. several photographers took time walking around the performers resting area to take a shot.some found their own place to take a nap and texted their families while some mingled with one another.but somebody took the weirdest spot to sleep and that's on top of a jeepney. who said nobody can sleep on iron bars?

living by water

i want to invite everyone specially photo enthusiasts to Ferdz' Monochrome Exhibit entitled "Living by Water". It will be from May 12 to 27. i'll be there on its first day. check out his blog ironwulf.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

the need to do it - in motion

tired and sleepy. while sitting and waiting for people to buy bottled water, she watches people passing enjoying the street dance. this girl is still 10years old but she already has an important role in the family. her mother sells food walking around during the Aliwan festival, while she decided to take a seat and sell the remaining bottled water. she also collects plastic bottles to be sold to plastic was late night when i saw her here and i can imagine some other kids playing, watching television on a weekend. but not for her, she needs to work all day until midnight. she needs to do it to help the family.

donG hO's "in motion" - is a series of photos taken in one place.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

the faces of fiesta

the faces that represents this year's Aliwan Festival are the performers themselves who are passionate in bringing pride to their own festival in this grand gathering. the rain might have damaged their props and costumes but not their spirit.the performers were normally students from their own town. some kids even had special roles on the performance. like this girl from the Lumad Basakanon tribe of Sinulog festival grabbed the spotlight.several contingents from Mindano also showcased their cultural pride like the City of Lamitan who just joined this year. i can imagine how long they've traveled and how much they spent for their participation. the prize for the grand champion in the street dancing category is one million pesos but it seems that there is a deeper reason why they are giving out their best. i was able to talk to one of Sinulog's performer and ask how much they will get from this if they win again, she simply replied "it's all for the Sto. Nino*". wow! this indeed proves that there's more than just dancing and shouting to win the contest and to bring pride to their city but for someone else who they believed deserves their best.after the results was released, i was not surprised when i learned that the top three festival winners were all devoted to the Holy Child.

winners of this year's Aliwan Fiesta:

Grand champion - Sinulog Festival Cebu City (third consecutive year)
2nd place - Dinagyang Festival Iloilo City
3rd place - Sinulog Festival Carmen Cebu*Sto. Nino - Holy Child

here's a list of video from youtube that you can visit as taken from Aliwan 2008:
Sinulog Festival Cebu City
Dinagyang Festival Iloilo City
Sinulog Festival Carmen, Cebu Province

fiesta fever

we attended the annual grand fiesta fever in the Philippines last night, the Aliwan Festival 2008. heavy rains and strong winds didn't stop the colorful festive event. it was participated by several cities and provinces in the Philippines showcasing their own way of celebrating the city's devotion, achievements and victories over time. some contingents brought with them more than 300participants traveling miles of way to the city of Manila for the grand celebration. bringing with them their costumes and other props used for the parade and the grand performance. the festival started last May 1 and ended last night with a grand parade and inspired performances for this annual event. drum beats, trumpets, gong sounds and shouts woke Manila's cultural center in awe and amazement. this is my second time to attend this event.the truth is i just arrived from the event giving me less time to posts more photos. so just keep in touch for the upcoming posts.

Friday, May 2, 2008

poor man's cart

a shot of a typical poor man's cart. there's a rug, an ice water, cigarettes and other items for sale, a lamp and a bottle of kerosene. through these things they depend their survival. they believe selling is better than stealing. i hope that the corrupt politicians will believe in the same thing.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

road repair - in motion

today we celebrate "Labor Day" in recognition of all the hard working people serving not for themselves but also for the benefit of others and for their country."Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for people." - Colossians 3:23

donG hO's "in motion" - is a series of photos taken in one place.


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