Monday, April 7, 2008

saving tubbataha

current issue of Australasia Scuba Diver magazine features Tubbataha reef of the Philippines. maybe next to Palawan, this would be next big thing that i'm proud of being in this tropical country. Tubbataha reef is declared a world UNESCO heritage site which is located within the Sulu Sea. i will talk more about this reef soon. might as well check out this issue which focuses on how the Philippines protect it and saved it from its current threat.

if they need someone to volunteer to protect this reef, i might be one of the first to say "YES". i've been longing to see this area.

check out Australasia's Scuba Diver magazine official website.


Rio said...

yey! first post!..count me in..i also want to protect our environment...=)

escape said...

more pinoys are now getting more aware in the conservation of the Philippine reef. i hope many will take part in this action.

lagal[og] said...

a national treasure of priceless proportions indeed!

Anonymous said...

tubbataha is indeed on of our country's treasures. sure worth protecting.

escape said...

oggie, yes. something we can be very proud of.

estan, worth protecting it is.


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