Sunday, April 27, 2008

mystery flying snakes???

last week's episode of "Born To Be Wild" tackled the mystery of the flying creatures in Balay sa Agta in Cebu. i highly recommend that you watch this episode. just click on the link below:

mystery flying snakes.

and you can read more about it in wikipedia as it has been observed in other countries like China and the United States. check this link flying rod.

6 comments: said...

interesting creature! thanks for sharing..

i was able to catch an episode lately of "born to be wild", the one about dog cruelty basta it was something about dogs. ganda nga ng show. very informative and having less advertisements work to our advantage kase we get to watch more as compared to watching advertisements. yun nga lang, hope they have many company and government sponsors so the show will stay in the boobtube.

escape said...

hi arlene, less advertisements means a longer running time. but again, this might also mean that this show might soon be off air but the way i see it, it is doing just fine in TV ratings.


saang channel yun? sana nasa youtube.

escape said...

jasper, there's a link on this post that leads to this episode on youtube. it is aired on GMA every Wednesdays (12midnight - so I should say Thursday).

Heart of Rachel said...

I remember watching a documentary on TV about Rods. I was fascinated with all the sightings of Rods but didn't know that there were actual sightings in the Philippines.

escape said...

hi rachel, yes. i was also surprised because they noticed it inside a cave in cebu unlike the ones seen in other parts of the world.


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