Thursday, April 17, 2008

lost and found thailand - bloggurs

donG says>>
Laura's blog is like a personal journal describing her new working environment, which is extremely different from where she came from. she takes note of her travel within Thailand and even her sidetrips outside this country. she talks about the Thai culture and her travels and what she finds unusual. this is one of the blogs that i first visited when i first did blog hopping and it remains to be a very interesting blog.

click on the photo to get to know more about Laura and her blog.


SandyCarlson said...

Thanks for sharing this! Posts such as this one tell me we are all very interested in each other's stories, and that is very encouraging.

Heart of Rachel said...

Thank you for your kind words about my son.

It's thoughtful of you to feature an interesting blogger. I'll go and check out her site.

Sidney said...

To many blogs... not enough time! ;-)

Rio said...

bait mo naman Dong!=) may time ka para sa ibang bloggers...=)sana dumami pa ang taong tulad mo=)... hindi kasi ako marunong kung papano may lagay ng pics e.. kung hindi lang ako computer illiterate gagawa din ako ng tulad ng ginawa mo sa kanila.. at ikaw ang feature blogger ko entitled " Dong - A Blogger With A Big Heart"..hehehe=)

escape said...

hi sandy, that's true. many people share their life thru blog.

real stories, real life.

rachel, thanks rachel. you'll enjoy Laura's blog.

sidney, no problem. stay connected., again you made me laugh. it's easy to add a picture on your blog. just look for the "insert picture" icon and then it will ask you to browse or simply to locate the file that you wish to upload to your blog.

Laura said...

Hey Dong, thanks for putting me "up there" :-) I wonder if my blog is too simple and too entertainment focused to be able to sustain more permanent interest, but then again... it seems that you have "survived" until now:-)

Thanks again and cheers to all the great bloggers out there.

escape said...

hi Laura, i like your blog the way it is. simple but very real experiences. you also share thailand to us thru your trips and adventures.

keep blogging and thanks for spending time for this interview.

lagal[og] said...

dom, thanks for introducing us to laura's world. this is really a swell idea to get us bloggers interacting :-)

laura, i like your blog the way it is. keep it up :-D


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