Thursday, April 3, 2008

featured blog

soon i'll be posting some of the blogs that i visit regularly and as a teaser, here's the first four blogs on the list. we will get to know more each of this blog week by week.

i decided to do this instead of just adding them as a link to my blog so as for us to get to know something about this bloggers. in this case, we'll call them BLOGGURS.


bukasnalang said...

wow magandang gimmick po to ah!

nice idea, para kahit blog mo na lang puntahan ko madami na kong makikita


Susan Tuttle said...

Great blog - I enjoyed your photos.

Thanks for stopping by.

Susan said...

that's one neat idea!

keep it up dong!

escape said...

Hi Joanne, Susan and Arlene, thanks for blog hopping.

 gmirage said...

Dong, here
is tag for you, hope you do it if you have time. =)Thanks!

Anonymous said...

nice bloggurs. i just changed some things in my blog. and i will soon post more. akyat ako uli sa sagada. sama ka? :)

escape said...

hey wence, yes. we are planning to go there by April 26 onwards. sama na tayo.

Anonymous said...

hey, tamang tamang ang alis nyo kasi april 26 ang plan kong pag-akyat uli ng sagada. i might leave next week siguro tapos balik uli ng manila after a week or two, tapos akyat uli sa april 26. email me and leave me your contact info.

escape said...

ayos! parang lagi na pala dun. im looking forward to visit the lemon pie house. i'll email you wence. see you there.


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