Tuesday, April 22, 2008

can blogs help save our planet?

with millions of blogs around the globe today, i noticed that many bloggers participated and supported Earth Day through their posts. can this blogs help save our planet? i suggest you visit the following blog posts from bloggers around the world.

greenphils - "earth day respiratory check-ups"
this blog takes volunteerism to action as they offered free respiratory check-ups and consultation to jeepney drivers and transport operations.

lagal[og] - "green day"
oggie's environmental ideas of using reusable, food-safe water containers.

kurokuroatbp - "little things you can do to save the earth"
toe's practical tips to take action by unplugging our appliances to shutdown phantom load (PL).

milou - "we're all in this together"
a nine year old from Buenos Aires who wants to help nature awareness through poetry.

beagle project - "earth day webcastathon"
promotes the earthcast 24hour webcastathon for "the other 71%" theme.

whimsy - "do your part"
she shares her own way of making Earth Day special by showing how a plastic bottle can be recycled. she shows it through actual samples of recycling outcomes (with photos).

scottstem - "do something nice"
someone who believes that as simple as picking small trash can help and it links to a funny and weird video on recycling cans.

silver horse - "a moment for gratitude"
promotes earth day as a moment of gratitude and also links to a site that shows how we can improve our relationship with our planet.

penguin geek - "save a penguin, take the bus"
suggests us to take motorcoaches for traveling to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

rhetoric - "one bottle at a time"
this blog gives us a tip to check for a specific item on before going shopping.

these blogs promoted awareness and action as a way of saving our planet. these are just the chosen few but we all know that blogging can now make noise and make sense.

who says blogs can't help save our planet?

thank you to all the people who participated in this call to save Earth. to save life.

note: this links leads you directly to the Earth Day related posts of the bloggers featured.


Lalaine said...

blogs can give awareness to its readers... and it is already a big help :).

Rio said... bestfriend pala ang naunang nagbigay ng komento!!...
yung blog ko walang kwenta kaya para naman maka contribute ako d2 sa blog world para sa ating inang kalikasan..promote ko nlang Dong blog mo=)..hehe
pag kumita blog mo libre mo ako ng cheeseburger sa mcdo ha!=)
at isa pang request!..( demanding ako!) picture na din kasama ka at pa autograph!=) hehehe

Anonymous said...

thanks to blogs, we can spread info on green practices quickly and to a broader audience. i just hope many of us will walk the talk. :)

escape said...

hi lalaine, awareness helps a lot but the problem is does this news reaches the less fortunate living beside the rivers who also contributes a large part of today's trash on our rivers.

dra. rio, wala namang walang kwentang blog. maybe each blog has its own purpose kaya balance lang not unless a blog destroys someone else's reputation or dignity. salamat sa pagpromote sa blog, i appreciate that.

cheeseburger sa Mcdo? sure.

barry, you're right. but what i noticed on most the blogs featured here shared their own practice of conservation and recycling which means they teach us by example. good enough.

Emily-Hazel said...

I'm right with you!... although I wish my world were a little more green (the color) right now.
I moved from Seattle to Salt lake City (that's from green to brown).
Thank you for spreading goodness.
Every bit counts. Isn't it amazing how much more conscious we are than our parents were?

Toe said...

Thanks for including me. We all try to do our best. Every little bit helps. It's for our future.

Heart of Rachel said...

I admire people who do their share in protecting Mother Earth.

Maya said...

Sure, it does give great help. Thanks for the list.1 wish that people do their part,too.

PS: thanks for your comment in WW. you should see the place. its really beautiful.i'll be check one more church more gothic that that one.

escape said...

hi emily, yes. we are now more conscious than our parents but it's simply because we are now experiencing its effects. that's sad.

toe, i definitely agree.

rachel, more and more people wants to support moves like these nowadays.

maya, human contributes to these unpredictable weather and heat problems. we really need to do something.

bukasnalang said...

pansin ko nga po ang daming nagbibigay ng onfo ngayon tungkol sa kalagayn ng mundo

tv commercials

radio ads


at tama, maging sa blog ay pwede.


sana lang matagal ng ginawa ito, but it's never too late naman siguro.

Paolo Sarangaya said...

thanks for sharing dong!

you should come to 4th iBlog this saturday at Melcom Theater @ UP Diliman. 9 to 5pm

Admin said...

Yes, of course! Hehe :)

Carver said...

Good post and I'll be checking out some of the blogs.

escape said...

hi joanne, yes. we won't give up. let's take action.

paolo, i have a seminar this Saturday but I'll be attending the party by 7:30pm. see you. sana makahabol pa.

richard, talagang agree ka nga.

carver, thanks. keep in touch.

Liz said...

yes we can, by raising awareness and a lot of us have been doing that ;)

thanks for dropping by and your comment ;)

take care.

Anonymous said...

uyy, thanks for the "greenphils" mention po. hugs :)

save the planet!

escape said...

liza, more bloggers are indeed taking part.

iva, thank you for that virtual hug.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your support:-) I put you on the supporters list on:

Have a great day,


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