Sunday, April 27, 2008

ambassadors of nature

more and more television shows support the "save earth" movements but most of which are just special episodes of a regular running shows except for the show "Born To Be Wild". it is a weekly local show hosted by Romi Garduce and Doc Ferds Recio who plays a big role in wildlife preservation and awareness. ever since it started its airing last November 28, 2007, i didn't miss any of its episode.

not one local television show has made me watch all its episodes every 12midnight without conditions. i really make a point that i'm home before the clock strikes at twelve. and yes it is aired this late. did you not notice that there's a lot of really good shows placed on slots that's so late? maybe because these shows are less profitable compared to the teleseryes*.

i really want to take pride in congratulating the production team and the people who came up with this show. the hosts may not be as good as other news correspondents (in terms of reporting) but looking at them enjoying every mission trip and putting stress on saving our nature tells me they are ambassadors of nature in the Philippines.

kudos to "Born To Be Wild" team!

check out last week's episode on protecting mangroves and the mystery flying snakes???

*teleseryes - common television series


Carver said...

That is great to have a weekly show that stresses the environment.

escape said...

yes. it started last year. there are also other shows that highlights the effects of global warming but this show is really consistent because it is aired every week.

Anonymous said...

I was only able to catch a couple of episodes and I find them really interesting? Flying snakes?!! Better check you tube once I get home.

I had the pleasure of meeting Romi before. A down to earth guy.

escape said...

ferdz, really? i am actually looking for a way to communicate with Romi and Doc Ferdz to feature them here. you might know of where I can get in touch with them. thanks.

Maya said...

Thanks, donG.This is really great to know that a TV network have put an effort to show this.I just wish that they put it on an early slot.This is more worthy than any teleserya.
I'll be watching the one they have put on You tube.I wish they put all the episode there.
Continue on blogging about this show, if you know how to something that i could help promoting it too. please tell me.

escape said...

hi maya, sad to say not all the episodes were uploaded in the youtube. but as for these episodes, you can check on the links in the post. maybe you can talk about the show with your friends. it's really worth watching.


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