Tuesday, March 4, 2008

zero limited

today a friend of mine who works at Coke gave me this limited edition Coke Zero from Korea. it's not like the regular Coke Zero in can produced in the Philippines. something to crave this hot summer after the season of lent.


alcogoodwin said...

Wow when did you start getting Coke Zero in the Phils?
I looked for it early last year but could only find that awful Coke Light!
Our here Zero is killing their 'Diet Coke' (same as (Coke Light) and may replace it altogether.


escape said...

Coke zero was launch just last February. i think the plan was actually not to release it here because of its effect on the Coke Light market but then they decided to release it here as well.

honey said...

that's nice,
though, i am not into softdrinks,
that might suit me,



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