Monday, March 24, 2008

traffic violation - in motion

a series of pictures taken along the street of EDSA. this is what happens when you violate traffic rules. in motion is a collection of pictures taken at a difference of few seconds from one shot to the other.


SabineM said...

what was the traffic violation?

Anonymous said...,CmC=1966714,scheduleId=1951478.html
360°-GÉO - ARTE+7
j'ai vu un reportage sur l'aigle des PHilippines dans l'île de Mindanao. avec La Philippine eagle Fondation. Très intéressant. J'espère que tu pourras le voir aussi.

escape said...

Hi Sabin,

violation is parking on a non-stop zone.


Merci beaucop. Yes, ill feature the Philippine Eagle in Mindanao in the future post.


Skippyheart said...

ay kainis mag-ka traffic ticket :p

btw, thanks for your visit and comment at my site - Skippyheart


it's a bummer to be caught.

Anonymous said...

this is isn't you, bro, right? hahaha. anyway, many motorists are (or seem to be) happy with the single ticketing system implemented recently. imagine getting caught in one city and being apprehended again in the next. ahh, Manila talaga! haha.

escape said...

of course it's not me. didn't happen to me yet. thank God! said...

you will never wish it to happen to you. more than the fine, it is the trouble of red tape at government offices that can get to you when you get your license.

and have i mentioned there are also the "crocodiles" waiting to pounce on their victims? not all but you know what i mean.

honey said...

oh, so you're multilingual?
that's sooo...interesting..heheh,



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