Monday, March 3, 2008

summer escapades

wow! summer is here and is one of the best time to go out and escape from the urban world. first because Easter comes in and next to it is the word is "beach". i have always been an addict when it comes to beaches and this is one of the hottest time to be in the Philippines being a tropical country and a home to one of the best beaches of the world. to start, here's a book that you might want to get.
"Great Escapes Around the World"it's a collection of the best escapades and Amanpulo in Pamilican Island in the Philppines is featured here. this is a dream escapade not everyone can have the chance to experience because it is expensive but listening to the people who were able to visit the island, it's like you own the whole island and the whole resort. all the staff and the crew knows your name and more to this is the beach itself. here are some of the pages from the book.

who would not want to be in an island like this?

visit for the resort's official site.

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honey said...

making us proud of the treasures our country obtained...



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