Tuesday, March 25, 2008


wow! the day was hot and these caught my attention. a tricycle parked on a shade on one side of the road with the driver and two students sleeping at noon time. this is siesta at its best.


Anonymous said...

Cette photo est attendrissante.
Ce serait super si on pouvait écouter de la musique philippine sur votre blog. Musique traditionnelle ou actuelle........

Anonymous said...

Bientôt en France dans les salles de cinéma va sortir le film de Brillante Mendoza "John John". Film qui a bouleversé le jury du festival de Cannes. L'avez-vous vu ?

Haydee said...

when you're have to rest!
It's a priceless image when i think of it. I am taking the siesta for granted since i've been out of the country for a very long time. It's good to be reminded what we've missed.

Toe said...

Oh, this photo makes me smile. :) Makes you wonder how some rich people with the softest beds in their air-conditioned rooms need sleeping pills to cure their insomnia. :)

Oh, I love siesta time. :) The Italians and Spaniards swear by it and that they're more productive (and artistic too) during the rest of the day.

escape said...

Ariele, didn't watch it yet. never had to watch any movie yet from the Cannes Festival.

Haydee, thanks.

Hi Toe, the Spaniards actually introudced siesta to the Filipinos.

Anonymous said...
Le : "John John" : le courage d'une mère nourricière dans l'enfer de Manille - Cinéma dernière ligne Brillante Mendoza : un grand cinéaste

Brad said...

How do they sleep on their motorbikes. The asawa's brother does this and I can't imagine for a moment being able to sl;eep with the metal as a pillow.
Pinoys are a tough breed :-)

Philippine Railways SIG

escape said...

hey brad, i can actually sleep in almost any flat surface even without a foam or any cloth and no pillows too. maybe this is something i can be proud of in this case. hehehe...

honey said...

i often took siestas..and sleep late at night, hehehe,

it still amazes he how you understand ariele..hehehe,



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