Sunday, March 30, 2008

metro rail transit - in motion

in motion series taken near the Ayala Metro Railt Transit (MRT) station as the train is captured in motion is a series of pictures taken at a specific subject in the difference of few seconds from one shot to the other shot.


Anonymous said...

MRT never looked this good. haha. and hey, SM should give you credit for their free advertisement. haha

escape said...

hahaha... i was actually thinking of cropping the picture to remove SM from the picture but i rarely edit pictures. so there it goes.

 gmirage said...

Don't crop it out, its the contrast that caught my eye! =)

Great job pero katakot! From the point of view na directly above the tracks! =D

Brad said...

Are you standing on a footbridge there or is it another station?
Am always looking for new spots to photograph the MRT/LRT systems without the usual arguments with security guards that goes with platform shots.


escape said...

gizelle, the place is quite safe from where i am.

brad, i took the shot along Pasay road (a street that crosses EDSA).

monsoon dreams said...

hey,that looks similar to the railway stations in my country!

escape said...

thanks. i hope i get to see your railway stations on your post.

honey said...

nice ung lights and yeah, the contrasts,



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