Monday, March 31, 2008

march ends tonight

march ends tonight. during this month i was able to feature Mt. Pinatubo, Ayala Avenue, Sunset in Rizal park, University of the Philippines Diliman and also featured Manix Abrera for the online interview. started the "in motion" series, remembered Mang Erwin's ingenuity and supported the Earth Hour.

Next month I'll feature the blogs that i regularly visit, some nice place in the Philippines and the people that i encounter.


Anonymous said...

that was an interesting recap of impressive things. great stuff you're doing with your blog. looking forward to reading more. =D

 gmirage said...

I remember you mentioned the interview days ago? Hanap ko later yung feature mo about Abrera. New month tomorrow...bilis ng panahon...keep blogging!

escape said...

thanks Acey.

Gizelle, you can check out the link leading to Manix Abrera's online interview. I'll send you some questions for the blog feature by tomorrow.

bilis nga ng March.

Jewels said...

Nice blog - very educational! I'm always amazed by this simple thing - you are already in the month of April now and I'm still in March. Such a simple thing. The sea pictures are amazing too! Such beauty!!!

Anonymous said...

Kuya Dong, I think you should really try professional photography! Really! You're pictures are great!

Anonymous said...

^^Edit edit. The word should be your and not you're. Forgive the grammar error. >:-)

escape said...

Jewel thanks.

Earvin, pag-isipan ko yan. thanks for appreciating.

SandyCarlson said...

The sunset raises our sights! Beautiful.

honey said...

nice blogging month for march, dong..
way to go!



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