Wednesday, March 5, 2008


in the Philippines there's what we call "bayanihan" which originated when one family decides to relocate their house to another place, they just carry the house (yes, i mean the whole house) with the help of their neighbors. houses by that time are not that big yet. it does not happen in the urban cities anymore but the word "bayanihan" refers to the attitude of helping one another. yesterday i saw this and let me call this "kotsenihan". it's sad to see though that one person on the sidewalk was just looking at them. i hope the value of "bayanihan" will remain in the hearts of the Filipinos.

*kotse - car


honey said...

even small kids helped in pushing the car,


cebu image said...

Sa Cebu bai kay Kotsebayadnihan na. wa dyud mag tabang kung way bayad


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