Friday, March 14, 2008

kingdom come

i have always been a comic collector and started collecting it when i was 11years old. when I was in high school, i was a part of a comic group named Warp Comics. spent a lot of free time in drawing but i never pursued a career on it. our comics became popular in our school during that time and we were also the ones doing the artworks in our school paper. i was supposed to feature some of our art in this blog but sadly i don't have it with me here.
for all those years, i have this one comic book that i like so much. title is "Kingdom Come" drawn by Alex Ross and story by Mark Waid. A very good tandem for comics. the book features a time when the old superheroes have already retired from using their extraordinary power but they were then lead to fight again because of the new chaos. you can see an old superman, wonder woman and batman in this book. i bought this 2years ago and the book has four chapters and 230 pages which also includes some sketches of Alex Ross in the last part. i was really impressed by the art and the idea of the story.
to read more about it check this link thanks to wikipedia. i'll feature some of my favorite comics soon and some of my favorite artists like Jim Lee, Frezzato, Leinil Yu, Whilce Portacio and John Cassaday.


Anonymous said...

I also have a friend who collects graphic novels, astig nga eh. Ako naman I'm more of the Japanese manga type (pero di ako nagco-collect kasi mahal).

escape said...

medyo mahal nga. mas marami akong collection na hindi graphic novel like xmen and spawn. ok din ang manga like ninja scroll.

honey said...

not into much with comics,
but i got interested because superman was in there, hehhe,



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