Friday, March 14, 2008


since last weekend people here have been infected by sore eyes. my brother, his wife, my mother, my auntie, my niece and our helper. and it's been seven days now carrying this viral infection. luckily, me and my nephew are immuned. they say we're like Dr. Robert Neville in "I am Legend" since i have always been with my mom in the house while my nephew is with my brother but we have never been affected by it. i don't know why. i'm thanking God anyway. but it's too early to say as the virus can still infect us anytime. i hope not.

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honey said...

probably, you might already have been infected with that since you were just a child..
in medical term, we call it "conjunctivitis" or "pink eye".
if it was of a viral cause, then you got a lifetime immunity of it. ask your nephew if he had a sore eyes before. some causes can be bacterial, too.
watch out lang kau and frequent handwashing to prevent spreading the infection.



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