Sunday, March 23, 2008

feast of the feasts

Easter is like no other day in a year. we waited 40days of Lent, 3days of full abstinence to celebrate this day. a day far better than the fiestas* that our country celebrates; new year that we cheer and even the independence day our country remembers. this is the feast of the feasts.

in Easter we remember Jesus giving us every reason to live, to love and to serve God. for me the sunrise of the Easter day is the most special. the sunrise that brings us back to a time when many witnessed victory over death. yes, we may have not witnessed that day in the same way Mary and the apostles did but our faith tells us it happened. a feast that completes a birthday celebration is Easter. life does not end here, there is something else beyond. for those who believe, they will inherit ultimate mercy.

"Do you believe because you see me? How happy are those who believe without seeing me!"- John 20:29

*fiesta - usual feast in the Philippines commemoration of the divinity of the saints

4 comments: said...

Just like what our priest said last night during the Easter Vigil - today is the feast of all feasts - even better than Christmas!

Happy Easter!!

escape said...


Paulie said...

"for those who believe, they will inherit ultimate mercy."

Those words you wrote are profound! Because we believe, we know that our Easter celebration is in observance of the greatest gift we will ever receive.

Thanks for visiting my blog and may Easter blessings follow you all your days.

honey said...

true, the reason why we are saved...why we live, why salvation has been given to us..
Jesus died and rose from death for us...
to be the ransom and so we shall live..



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