Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bucari - little baguio

i rarely watch the television on Saturday nights but i had the chance and accidentally watched Jessica Soho's show and it featured alternative places to Boracay and Baguio to visit this summer. very interesting episode although I already know Carabao island which is really getting a lot of attention nowadays as an alternative to Boracay's busy beach. for an alternative place for Baguio, it featured barangay Bucari in Leon Iloilo. the view was very much like Sagada with a temperature that can be as low as 15degrees celsius. wow i never knew there was a place like this in Iloilo. i know a similar place in Negros and Bukidnon that has a cool climate but it doesn't have the rice terraces. Bucari is indeed a place to visit soon. and actually i am planning to visit Bacolod and Iloilo this April and might as well consider Bucari as part of my itenerary.

here's a link of the segment in Jessica Soho's show on Bucari as posted by bualaw.


Anonymous said...

Waaaahhh. Probinsiya ko yan!

escape said...

oo nga. it's either miagao or leon. still have to think about it.

alcogoodwin said...

Great stuff.
Went to Panay last year and as part of this travelled from Iloilo to Roxas.
Great place. Roxas City is somewhere I hope to semi live one day. Quieter place, clean air, fun family, great looking woman :-)

Philippine Railways SIG

escape said...

thanks Brad. Might consider visiting Roxas soon because it's near Boracay. nice choice. i wonder what other places did you visit in the Philippines.

alcogoodwin said...

Outside of manila have been:

1999- Tayaytay and Baguio

2004- Calamba and Corregidor Island

2007- Iloilo-Roxas (Panay Island), Jintatolo Island, Lantangan-Mandaon-Masbate City (Masbate), Pilar-Legazpi then bus to Manila (Luzon)
Pagsanjan and the Falls

Best places:
By far Corregidor Island, so much amazing history and great photography. Then of course there is Legaspi, I have never stood in awe of anything like I did the Mayon Volcano.

Next trip I hope to also take in Negros.
Will have to place some photos of the islands in the Manila-Downunder blog.

Best wishes
Philippine Railways SIG

escape said...

wow. from your list, never been to Corregidor all the rest i already visited them. you can also consider Bohol and Palawan next time.

Mayon is amazing. Pinatubo is stunning. hehehe...

alcogoodwin said...

Negros is top of my list for the next run, has been since my first ever trip over there. Finally the asawa is granting permission.
Leyte is another I would love to see, but this is from a railway interest point of view.
Then Bohol as those Chocolate Hill must be awesome to see.
Actually I have a desire to see most of the Philippines other than Boracay, which is somewhere I have tried to avoid.


alcogoodwin said...

When did you get to Jintatolo Island?
My asawa has a lot of relatives there, one even looks after the light house which mean't we could get some stunning shots of this magnificent, although very small, island.
The relos there freaked out when I went for a walk on the beach at night. They were yelling and screaming out, scared that an aswang was going to come and get me.\


escape said...

hehehe... that's a funny pinoy experience. sorry did not notice Jintatolo in your list. never been there yet. I googled it and it looks good.

honey said...

you seemed to have things planned out already.



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