Monday, March 17, 2008

bottle figures

look at these decoration figures. i saw this along a street today and it looks nice but guess what it is made of.
plastic bottles!!! this is recycling in a third world country. very resourceful. very creative.


Emily-Hazel said...

I understand your attention to certain details in the world. I find your posts very intriguing as I would find the same details very entertaining and enlightening.
There are so many great happenings on earth that too often go unnoticed because of the human tendency to be self-centered.Thanks for noticing the humorous, good, beautiful, and fascinating in your world and sharing it with others!

Laura said...

If you wouldn't have posted the photo of the bottles, I would have never guessed. Unbelievable what can be done with a little of imagination.

escape said...

thanks Emily and Laura. very genuine minds to make such a work of art. take note, even the birds and the butterflies are part of the bottle.

Heart of Rachel said...

I've seen a Palm Tree made from a Sprite bottle and I was amazed. The ones on your photos are more brilliant.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

honey said...

i first saw someone making those creative stuffs when i had our hospital OJT and a patient, though had his legs braced, managed to continue his little business. out of empty 1.5-liter bottles, he cut figures of trees, bushes, and flowers and melted some portions of it so they will form into his desired shapes. truly creative, indeed!...and indigenous!



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