Monday, March 10, 2008

The Asia Book

here comes another book that features the countries in Asia. if you ask me what are the countries that i like in Asia apart from the Philippines, here's my list (in order):
1. Maldives
2. China
3. Thailand
4. Japan
5. Israel
6. Mongolia
7. Egypt
8. Vietnam
9. Russia
10. India
I chose these countries because it's either it has the best beaches, interesting culture or very influential history. this book briefly features the different countries in Asia, what makes it unique and its ecotourism. here's some of the pages that featured the Philippines.

you can visit their site at


Anonymous said...

Lonely Planet? Medyo di maganda ang una nilang book on the Philippines. Buti naman at naglabas sila ng second edition ng book about sa Philippines. Pero mukhang maganda ang book na yan - yung Asia Book.

escape said...

Yes. Mas maganda yung second na book. Ito ok lang maganda naman yung mga napili nilang sights and medyo short nga lang kasi lahat ng countries sa Asia ang kasama.

honey said...

i love watching pictures of wonderful places if i can't watch the scenes in person, heheh,



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