Monday, March 31, 2008

march ends tonight

march ends tonight. during this month i was able to feature Mt. Pinatubo, Ayala Avenue, Sunset in Rizal park, University of the Philippines Diliman and also featured Manix Abrera for the online interview. started the "in motion" series, remembered Mang Erwin's ingenuity and supported the Earth Hour.

Next month I'll feature the blogs that i regularly visit, some nice place in the Philippines and the people that i encounter.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

metro rail transit - in motion

in motion series taken near the Ayala Metro Railt Transit (MRT) station as the train is captured in motion is a series of pictures taken at a specific subject in the difference of few seconds from one shot to the other shot.

earth hour manila - someone missed it

it was generally a successful Earth Hour cooperation last night in the greater Manila area. i like today's Philippine Daily Inquirer's header page which shows the Makati area before and during the earth hour.
but something funny happened today, as one person asked me if a brown out happened in our area last night as it was announced in the news. i then said "no" and i didn't know that there was supposed to be a brown out. then the earth hour came into my mind and i said "you mean the earth hour?" and she said "yes". it made me laugh aloud. because she thought that the earth hour means that the MERALCO* (Manila's largest electricity distributor) was the one to shut down the power generation of the greater Manila in support of the earth hour.

so here's someone who missed to turn the lights off during the earth hour.

here's a video of this year's earth hour.
and a video of Manila's participation.

thanks to those who participated this year's Earth Hour and for those who missed it, you can do it tonight. Earth Hour is more of an awareness to a more conscious energy conservation world movement that we need to do on a regular basis.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

mang erwin's vending ingenuity

last time i featured mang manoy on the road for his mobile craft business. this time let's see what mang erwin has to offer. mang erwin is a mango vendor in the Quirino field in Manila. at first you might think that he is just one of those mango vendor with a typical carrier yoke but take a closer look at it.

a small table attached to an electric fan cover with wires connected to the yoke on both sides. so when you see him walking , you will see two small tables hanging.
i approached him and of course i bought some mangoes to try it and it tasted good with bagoong*. he then explains how he made this auto-drop table. the woods used for the table were taken from destroyed homes, wires were bought and electric fan cover from junk shops. he sells mangoes all day until midnight for his family needs. out of poverty, you'll get to learn that there's so much that you can do with old stuff. for us some things might already be useless but looking at this, you learn that some people need those junks.

they can make something out of almost anything just to earn a living.

*bagoong - enhancing agent of fermented fish or small shrimps.

baked salmon

one of the best lunch meal is having a baked salmon with melted butter and cheese. it made my day special.

lights off

this year's earth hour happens on March 29 from 8:00pm to 9:00pm. now a global movement which originated in Australia last year. this is a project of World Wide Fund for Nature or WWF. the Philippines is participating this year's Earth Hour by turning all the lights off on that day. i support this act and you can get involve in Earth Hour's activities by checking

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


people, i introduce you the word "bagskate". i know you never heard such a word but this picture proves there is such a thing. i saw this woman with a bag that has skateboard wheels.
i hope no one at home is looking for their skateboard wheels...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Green Diliman

spent the afternoon at the University of the Philippines in Diliman Quezon City, Philippines. this is the country's pride in higher education and is also one of the biggest campus in the country today. this year, the institution just celebrated its hundred years of existence and excellence as it was established in 1908. what makes it a really nice place for studying is its campus itself. most of the buildings are already old but its environment which is full of trees and wide grassy areas makes you feel that you're not in a city. early morning or late in the afternoon, you will see people and students jogging around its oval. fresh air and enough shade gives the people just the right reason to walk around this big campus although there are jeepneys that travels within the campus. another part of the campus that people enjoy spending some time relaxing and playing is this big field called the "Sunken Garden". it forms like a rectangular basin filled with grass and trees on the sides. so far this has been the biggest field that i've seen in the country. there are museums, theaters, dormitories, mini food shops and a lot of research facilities inside the campus. you can freely enter the campus and may even try jogging with your ipod when you visit. all in all a great place to study and motivate yourself to excel.

i say this school stands out in the academics and in its natural way of balancing nature and excellence.
i'll see more of this campus as my class starts this May in this University.


wow! the day was hot and these caught my attention. a tricycle parked on a shade on one side of the road with the driver and two students sleeping at noon time. this is siesta at its best.

Monday, March 24, 2008

traffic violation - in motion

a series of pictures taken along the street of EDSA. this is what happens when you violate traffic rules. in motion is a collection of pictures taken at a difference of few seconds from one shot to the other.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

sunset at the park

i had the chance to walk along the Quirino grounds, which is a part of the Rizal park, in the city of Manila . it was not planned but since i still had a free time and i knew that sunset in Manila is really beautiful specially when seen from Manila bay. but i chose to wait to see the sunset's effect in the areas of the Quirino grandstand and the Rizal monument in Rizal park instead of the usual Manila bay sunset view. from here you can see the buildings along Roxas boulevard.on one side you can see the Quirino grandstand and Manila hotel standing alone on another side. spent some time walking in this wide Quirino grounds where people play and rest. some dads played kite with their kids while others enjoyed walking. took a shot of a small cart selling kites and toys. and when i reached our national hero's monument, i realized that it has an even better view with the park lamps. finally the sky was darker so i tested my camera using the shutter speed adjustment to catch the lights from the moving vehicles along Roxas boulevard.

feast of the feasts

Easter is like no other day in a year. we waited 40days of Lent, 3days of full abstinence to celebrate this day. a day far better than the fiestas* that our country celebrates; new year that we cheer and even the independence day our country remembers. this is the feast of the feasts.

in Easter we remember Jesus giving us every reason to live, to love and to serve God. for me the sunrise of the Easter day is the most special. the sunrise that brings us back to a time when many witnessed victory over death. yes, we may have not witnessed that day in the same way Mary and the apostles did but our faith tells us it happened. a feast that completes a birthday celebration is Easter. life does not end here, there is something else beyond. for those who believe, they will inherit ultimate mercy.

"Do you believe because you see me? How happy are those who believe without seeing me!"- John 20:29

*fiesta - usual feast in the Philippines commemoration of the divinity of the saints

Monday, March 17, 2008

reflecting happiness

here it is again, there are really many things that makes people happy. today, i saw two little girls riding a motor-like bike blocking one space in a parking lot. i tried to check what they were doing since they did not notice that i was in front of them. they were looking at this black car enjoying their image reflected from the car's side. they were making smiling faces in front of it.
after taking two shots, they noticed me and gave me the smile that deserved a photograph and a blog post.

bottle figures

look at these decoration figures. i saw this along a street today and it looks nice but guess what it is made of.
plastic bottles!!! this is recycling in a third world country. very resourceful. very creative.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

unfinished business ended today - pacman wins!

Pacman wins! Larios down. Morales down. Barrera down. Marquez down. Go Pilipinas!

Bucari - little baguio

i rarely watch the television on Saturday nights but i had the chance and accidentally watched Jessica Soho's show and it featured alternative places to Boracay and Baguio to visit this summer. very interesting episode although I already know Carabao island which is really getting a lot of attention nowadays as an alternative to Boracay's busy beach. for an alternative place for Baguio, it featured barangay Bucari in Leon Iloilo. the view was very much like Sagada with a temperature that can be as low as 15degrees celsius. wow i never knew there was a place like this in Iloilo. i know a similar place in Negros and Bukidnon that has a cool climate but it doesn't have the rice terraces. Bucari is indeed a place to visit soon. and actually i am planning to visit Bacolod and Iloilo this April and might as well consider Bucari as part of my itenerary.

here's a link of the segment in Jessica Soho's show on Bucari as posted by bualaw.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Beware! Baby on board

here's another one of those weird signs. you normally see the "Child on board" or "Baby on board" signs on cars and other vehicles. but here's something different which i saw yesterday.
from this picture it looks like "Beware! Baby on board". Maybe the owner is a military general.

kingdom come

i have always been a comic collector and started collecting it when i was 11years old. when I was in high school, i was a part of a comic group named Warp Comics. spent a lot of free time in drawing but i never pursued a career on it. our comics became popular in our school during that time and we were also the ones doing the artworks in our school paper. i was supposed to feature some of our art in this blog but sadly i don't have it with me here.
for all those years, i have this one comic book that i like so much. title is "Kingdom Come" drawn by Alex Ross and story by Mark Waid. A very good tandem for comics. the book features a time when the old superheroes have already retired from using their extraordinary power but they were then lead to fight again because of the new chaos. you can see an old superman, wonder woman and batman in this book. i bought this 2years ago and the book has four chapters and 230 pages which also includes some sketches of Alex Ross in the last part. i was really impressed by the art and the idea of the story.
to read more about it check this link thanks to wikipedia. i'll feature some of my favorite comics soon and some of my favorite artists like Jim Lee, Frezzato, Leinil Yu, Whilce Portacio and John Cassaday.


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