Friday, February 29, 2008

wrong signage?

just this afternoon i saw this at Starmall in Ortigas. definitely there's something wrong with this picture. it's either the mall doesn't have the right signage or someone stumbled because of the wet floor which caused this wreck. what do you think?


alcogoodwin said...

If it was after someone slipped he must have been fully laden with an adobo lunch to cause that sort of destruction :-)

Philippine Railway SIG

escape said...

exactly. hahaha... or maybe he was like 250lbs.

pisceankiller said...

hey thanks for your response to my blog.
i can see that you are fond of reading religious books.

i can recommend "The Heavenly Man" for you. try to read it!!!

you can definitely find crazy things in the mall like that signage... 250lbs is too much...make it 249lbs hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Wahahaha. Baka nga may natumba diyan kaya nag-crack! Wehehehehe.


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