Tuesday, February 26, 2008

wooh days

two days now at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Alabang as my one year old nephew was confined here due to faringitis. he was okay in fact still very active only that he had a hard time drinking his medicines even when mixing it in his milk. but still good because he was alive and active but limited in moving. and he hates the nurses because of the different test conducted on him. very normal to kids. but this hospital has really good nurses and high tech medical facilities. in fact we were like in a hotel because of the nice room and of course nice view from our room. they one floor dedicated for infants and children. here are some pictures of the hospital.
hospital lobby:
view from the sixth floor lobby. we occupied room 609 and the view from our room is the south luzon expressway. definitely our chef Remy enjoys the view from our room.and one side of the building is the view of Festival Mall Alabang, Insular Life Tower and Vivere Hotel of Alabang which is a walking distance from the hospital. at night we have a good view of the Alabang viaduct and the Muntinlupa Hospital.
we are expected to check out by tomorrow. end of the wooh days.


The Aussie Aswang! said...

Ahhh memories.
I remember passing this hospital a few times during our visit in Feb/March last year.
Was actually on my way from Festival Mall to Alabang Station.

Philippine Railways SIG

escape said...

yes. you'll really have a nice view of this hospital from Festival mall.


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