Thursday, February 7, 2008

trading post

yes it was my third time in the city of pines but this is my first time to visit La Trinidad which is the capital municpality of Benguet. this is where most of the best fresh vegetables come from transported to Manila. but not everyone knows that this place is also one of the biggest trading posts for vegetables. vegetables here comes from the nearby towns of Bugias and other small towns. when we visited the trading posts, i saw 12 trucks lined up each filling with different vegetables from cabbages to potatoes. these were transported from the towns to this place by a jeep then the vegetables are traded and transferred to bigger trucks which will be distributed in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.
so when you visit La trinidad or even Baguio, never miss out eating the fresh gulays*. most of the restaurants here offer vegetable meals making it a perfect place for vegetarians.

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honey said...

oooh, fresh vegetables,
i love veggies, but i'm no vegetarian, i eat almost anything,



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