Friday, February 22, 2008

top ten of everything

this is one of my favorite books. the last time i got it was the 2003 edition. so i have to check where the Philippines is in terms of the world records. sorry but i didn't list the other 9 because the best thing to check it, is to buy the book. here's where our country is listed.

Country: Philippines
Fruit Producing Countries: number 10 >12,452,620tonnes
Largest Catholic Population: number 3 > 68,252,000
Pet Dogs Populations : number 8 > 7,690,000

Pet Fish Populations : number9 > 19,552,300
Pet owning Countries: number 10 > 28,674,400
Countries with the Most number of Fish Species: number 6 > 1,007 types

that's where our country is listed in this edition. there are still other list like the most number of boys/girls scouts in a country which i didn't include. buy the book, you'll enjoy it.

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honey said...

something we Filipinos should be proud of,



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