Sunday, February 3, 2008

sunday market

when we were at the Baguio market buying pasalubong last Sunday, the last portion of the market was filled with people and as i got closer to the area I noticed that the Holy mass was about to be celebrated. it was my first time to see the Holy mass celebrated in a market. it was really celebrated there for the people in the tiangge who works even on a Sunday. indeed the church here is universal that it reaches out even in one of it's busiest district. it was a unique view of the holy mass with bayongs hanged on one side as if also anticipating the Holy mass.i already witnessed the Holy mass being celebrated in the mall, inside cinemas, in auditoriums and coliseum but this was my first time to see it being celebrated in the market.

1 comment:

honey said...

it's nice to know that the church reached out even to the busiest and crowded places at the locals' area...
but it's nicer to know that these people embraced the call of the church to join in on the celebration.



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