Friday, February 8, 2008

strawberry capital

strawberry almost everywhere. here i get to visit the strawberry capital of the Philippines, La Trinidad. we were going around the strawberry farm and here the farmers are so accomodating that they allowed me to enter the farm and take pictures of the strawberries as close as possible.

here are some shots...and of course i didn't miss to eat a strawberry directly from its plant. it really tasted good. since we only saw a small part of the farm, here's to show you how big the farm is. a satellite view of the farm from google earth. the farm is surrounded by houses of farmers.

we also saw the municipal hall of La Trinidad and being the strawberry capital of the Philippines, the picture of the hall below will prove even more.the weather is really good here, fresh vegetables, friendly people, pine trees along the main highway and strawberries makes it a nice place. so leaving the place, we bought some strawberries.

1 comment:

honey said...

too bad, we were not given the opportunity to have a glimpse of the farm when we went to Baguio due to time constraints, hehhe,
but have tasted a strawberry, though,



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