Friday, February 29, 2008

sony reveals rolly

i was able to visit the Sony Expo at the SM Megamall Megatrade hall 1 today which displayed the new product line of Sony. saw this thing called the Sony Sound Entertainment Player or Sony Rolly which is not yet out in the market although was initially released in Japan but as part of the expo they made a demo of what it does. it is actually a digital robotic audio player. sounds good because it moves and does a lot of things when the gadget plays a music. it has in it an audio player, mini speakers, cool lights and it can do robotic moves that follows the beat of the music. check out this link, it will show you what it does. but this will amuse you as they tried two Rollies in sync check this link
i like this gadget! it's not yet too late for you to see this gadget at the expo.

also displayed in the expo is the extra light digicam.
and all the other displays.

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Anonymous said...

Waaah. I want that Rolly!


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