Monday, February 25, 2008

revolution for change

today we remember the spirit of the people power which happened in 1986 when the former president and dictator Ferdinand Marcos decided to give up his presidency from the power of the people of the Philippines. but it was not a bloodless revolt us many people also sacrificed their life to regain democracy. from Ninoy's death to the imprisonment of the people who went against the government.

we remember this today although i was still 5years old when it happened but looking at the pictures of my parents joining the rally wearing yellow shirts that has a picture of Ninoy and every story that we hear from our relatives is good enough to feel the experience.

right now our country is again experiencing the effects of corruption. but impeachment and resignation is not the only answer to the crisis. i believe that there is more than changing leaders that our country needs. it needs to remove the system of corruption in the government and it not only means its leaders but more to this is the system itself. it seems that corruption has already been institutionalized in most of the department. it looks like when you win in the government election, you have earned yourself a business and power over the area of your responsibility. yes there is authority but there should also be the character of a selfless servant and righteous service. there should be a vision to make a change for the good of our country and not of self gratification.

many people join rallies but they themselves in their own office entertains corruption. many people are expert in complaining but they never see the good things that happens in the country. take for example, when there is an oil price hike, different organizations go out and rally but when there are rollbacks, nobody goes out to at least ackonowledge it. here, you can see how pessimistic these people have been. some people even earn a living by joining rallies.

change is important and change should start from each citizen. change only makes sense when it is based on good motives.

when you do things, you just don't do it. you should do it right.

but i still believe in our country. if we see the many negative things happening in our country, we should also see the best things that our country can produce.

mabuhay* to the Philippine heroes. mabuhay to the people who fought for the good of the country.

having God on our side makes us the best recipient of hope.

a good future.
*mabuhay - long live, hail
to get more info on the Philippine People Power check out this link from Wikipedia.

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