Sunday, February 24, 2008

daily rail trade

today's feature is the old Philippine National Railways. this was built at around 1865 during the Spanish colonial period and was then redeveloped in 1984. it connects Metro Manila until the far south areas of Bicol. this is a very old railway but still most of the lower class people use this and is also good for people doing trading from the Bicol region. on most of the area, squatters occupies both side of the railways. in this post i want to show you how this railway transforms from a tiange* to a railway then to a tiange.

in the picture below, at first look you might not say that this is a railway. busy people selling fruits, vegetable and other stuff.
now i would like you to particularly take note of the man with the yellow shirt.after sometime, the train comes and is about to cross the road near the said tiange. train stops since there's a terminal in this area. vehicles and people cross the rail before the train starts. then the train makes a signal as it runs in few minutes.
a security guard clears the area as the train starts running. on the other side the vendors removed part of their goods that occupies the railway. now you can see that part of the tiange is indeed a railway. the man in the yellow shirt moves his chair as the train approaches.
now here look at how close the man is to the train.
it's like inches apart from the train as it was from my view. looks like his goods might have almost touched part of the train as he holds it.
as the train leaves the site. the man in the yellow shirt immediately goes back to his location and back to business.and that's a normal day according to the people around. no safety limits for people. but most of the squatters are already being removed or relocated to another place as new projects are being planned for this railway. here are some pictures where demolitions have already been done. just meters away from the tiange site.

a new train system will be built and the squatters will be cleared from the areas of the railway.
very soon a modernized train system will stand in this site. same with the new train systems found in the greater Manila area like the photo shown below. this train travels within the Metro Manila area.
*tiange - market/street market


alcogoodwin said...

Thanks for the photos and update on the railway rebuild in Manila.
How long ago were the photos taken?
While it is great that the Philippines is finally getting a world class railway system, it is a little sad to see the old system go and the character it had.
Hope you are able to cover more of the changes on your blog in the future.

Philippine Railways SIG

escape said...

Hi Brad. Thanks for visiting my blog. the picture was taken just last weekend (Feb 23, 2008). yes there are actually many improvements happening here. wathc out as i post some of them soon. i wonder how you found my blog.

The Aussie Aswang! said...

Hi there,
I regularly do searches for items of Philippine railway interest and one search came across your blog site.
I love keeping up to date with things happening over there so am always on the prowl for interesting blogs.
I will be regularly reading yours.
Can't wait to be back there myself again.

Philippine Railways SIG

escape said...

Great! Almost everyday I have posts so just keep in touch. Thanks.

honey said...

ganun pala dun,
heheh, never had an idea about those things happening,
wala kasi train sa Cebu eh, hehehe,



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