Monday, February 18, 2008

noypi ako - online interview with Gabe Mercado

Here comes one of my special monthly posts. The online interview series of people that contributes good ideas to our society today. For the month of February, I am featuring the TV host, product endorser, singer and actor, Gabe Mercado. Popular for his hosting in the TV show "Noypi! Ikaw ba to?" which features some studies of the culture and characters of pinoys*. From being "masunurin**" to "tamad***".

From the show, we learn about the origin of the different pinoy attitudes and the common notions about our culture. In this interview, we will get to know more about Gabe Mercado and his work as the host of the said show.

the dong: What was your best experience in the show?
Gabe: I'll give you a corny answer. The truth is, just being associated with the show and actually having the pleasure and honor of hosting it for the past year and a half has been the best experience I have ever had in my career. A show like Noypi comes only once in a very long time and just the fact that it lasted as long as it did makes me very very proud.

the dong: What is the best Filipino trait that you discovered from the show? How about the worst?
Gabe: When it comes to traits involving face to face compassion, Filipinos scored quite high, at least in our social experiments. Unfortunately when it comes to money, Filipinos have shown in our social experiments that it's hard to trust them.

the dong: If you were to advise the young Filipino professionals, what would your first advice be?
Gabe: Get involved with what's happening in our country. There is no excuse for apathy. Not at a time like this.

the dong: What was the most challenging part of making the show?
Gabe: The show never quite got the promotional support the station would give to the other shows. We had one press release and no billboards or even stickers or car decals, not even a presscon to launch the show. While everyone from the station liked the show and was proud of it somehow we just didn't get the usual promotional effort that other shows got. I also wish we got more support from sponsors. Noypi, with all its hidden cameras and social experiments, is actually an expensive show to produce. Even though we did rate quite well, the timeslot somewhat discouraged sponsors who were willing to help us out.

the dong: Personally, what was/were your favorite episode?
Gabe: My favorite episode was the Pinoy Honesty episode where we had an experiment featuring our version of the Honesty Store.

the dong: How would you best invite foreigners in the Philippines based on your experience in all the episodes of Noypi? What Filipino qualities would you be proud of?
Gabe: Haha. The Filipino is a very caring and compassionate person. Just make sure you keep your wallet close. :P Haha.

the dong: How do you spend your vacation?
Gabe: I have a ton of hobbies. I power kite, I ride a Vespa and a few friends and I put together a small boat in Nasugbu. I also recently got back into jogging. The bulk of my free time goes to performing with my Improv theater group called SPIT.

the dong: Anything unique/rare about Gabe Mercado?
Gabe: I'm very serious in person. I hate small talk and I can be quite masungit. Although I'm told I'm still quite nice as a person. Haha.

the dong: What makes you youthful which is very visible when you do hosting and commercials?
Gabe: Oh spending a lot of time with people who like to laugh is the most important thing. SPIT allows me to laugh in a fun and relaxed group at least twice a week. Our performances are often really for ourselves rather than for the audience. You can catch us Tuesdays at Magnet High Street, by the way.

the dong: What else do you plan to do in the future?
Gabe: I do have a number of projects that I will be starting with a group called Kolektib. That should keep my busy the next few months. I have two new shows that are currently under development as well. SPIT shall continue to perform.

the dong: thanks Gabe. it simply shows how dedicated you are to the pinoys and how flexible you are to your job. kudos Gabe!

Visit Gabe's multiply site at and watch out for Noypi's new title. you'll get to know more of his projects and his life with his son Beeto when you visit this site. "Noypi! Ikaw ba to?" is aired in ABS CBN every Mondays after "Bandila".

*pinoy - refers to the Filipinos, noypi is just the reverse of pinoy.


dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said...

I now know how it feels when you're being featured even just in blogs. Gabe Mercado must be very happy about this post.

Just a shameless plug, I am also being featured here. I hope you can take time to visit...

7a'faR said...

great interview...



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