Wednesday, February 27, 2008

manoy on the road

yesterday i saw this cart on one sidewalk and was intrigued on how this business runs. at first i thought that the owner was not around since it was parked on one sidewalk with no one around it. so i kept on taking pictures on all side but when another person approached the cart and was holding one of the items, a person came out on one side of the cart. didn't know that there was a person inside the cart. i thought it was just filled with items. let's call the person selling these items "manoy". so while he was entertaining his customer, i kept on taking pictures. there were brooms, mirrors, baskets, nets and almost all the different crafts. i tried to take a picture the inner part of the cart (see pictures below). i notice that there is a shirt, another cloth which looks like shorts and an umbrella and it looks like he can actually lie down inside.
after taking shots of the crafts and the inner part of the cart, i approached him and asked if he was doing all these crafts. he said no, he only buys it somewhere and sells it. then he started talking about things that i cannot fully understand. i heard him mentioning the president's name and it sounds like he is telling me that the president helped him to buy these things. he was even showing a picture of the president in his wallet, a picture so old. he continued talking and telling jokes about things that again i cannot fully understand. it sounds like some words are of different dialect. so i asked him from what province did he came from and he said he is from Pangasinan (a province in the far north of Manila) who has a different dialect. so he kept on joking and laughing at the same time. he is a happy person and he loves talking. so i asked him how this business was doing and he said its doing well. and i agree with that because another person approached his cart and even bought 3 brooms. it seems that the items are sold at a very good price. so i took a picture of mang manoy. but before i left i noticed something which i didn't notice when i first saw the cart. it was the rosary hanging on one side.
mang manoy might be living a very simple life but from this, i again learned that we can be happy even in the most simplest things that we have. as long as we have God on our side, we have enough reason to be happy.

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Brad said...

You have said things here that are so truly Filipino!
One thing I notice most when in the Philippines is the happiness the people seem to hold.
Despite not having much, despite the conditions, despite the media controlled circus trying to destroy a good president, the Filipino remains happy in a way the average Aussie could only dream of.
They know how to live life, they realise there is far more to life than just accumulating endless amounts of material possessions.
Man I miss than feeling!!!!!



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