Thursday, February 21, 2008

manila post office

the Manila Central Post Office building is historical because it survived the World War II. it was built in 1926 in the central area of the city of Manila. it is located beside the Pasig river and in front of Lawton area. it was severely damaged during the last world war and was then rebuilt in 1946. now it stands and serves as Manila's central post office and as a historical landmark. two years ago, the Ms. Earth pageant grand night was held in front of the post office building.


Taroogs said...

They really made building built to last back then :-) nice photos. will visit regularly.

Anonymous said...

one of my most favorite buildings in manila. and yes, pede kang sumama sa mga biyahe ko.

escape said...

taroogs. thanks. yep ganda nga ng mga structures dati.

biyaheng pinoy, update mo lang ako kung saan at kelan ang next biyahe mo.

Panaderos said...

The Post Office is one of Juan Arellano's great architectural works in Manila. Manila must have looked quite impressive back in the 1950s when the government buildings he designed (Departments of Tourism and Finance, the Legislative Building, to name a few), based on classic architecture, were prominently laid out all over Manila.

Anonymous said...

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