Thursday, February 7, 2008

kropek epek

just few minutes ago, i was able to join the surprise contest of 89.9 Magic. this is a game that changes everytime giving the caller no idea of what the game would be. this night the game was "Guess the Kropek". they have three types of kropek which are Lala, Deep Sea and Tempura. at first they ate one of each type and telling me what type it is, then after letting me hear the sound of each type, they ate one and I have to guess it. i jotted down the sounds of each kropek in a paper since the three sounded very much alike. so shooting at a good choice based on my listening ability, i got it right. it was a Deep Sea kropek! making me win one basket of goodies and 5 tickets to the party launch of ticket is worth P300 each. so i'll be inviting 4 friends to join me this Saturday.
and the night didn't end there since they were also giving me a bonus game which will give me Adidas stuff just by answering one question. i have no idea of what they will be asking. so they then asked me if i watched NBA today and yes i did, i watched the game of Dallas Mavericks versus Milwaukee Bucks. giving me a guess that the question will be about NBA, and since i was online i immediately visited the official NBA website. now i can see all the results of the games of today right in front of my laptop. then came the question, "if you watched the game between Hornets and Suns which ended in double overtime, who did the buzzer-beater shot that made the Hornets win?" and right in front of me was the picture of Pejak Stojakovic. so i gave his name. then came another question, asking me the jersey of Pejak Stojakovic. since the picture right in front of me was Pejak making his winning shot, definitely i can see his jersey. so i said "16". giving me a little thrill by asking "are you sure?" followed by "how sure are you?". very confident i answered "yes" because again the news about this game was right in front me. so they shouted in chorus "you won!!!". i was so happy getting it right even if i didn't watch the game! thank God i was online. so they also mentioned that it was the first time that somebody has won three prizes in two games. again thank God. here's the actual picture of Pejak which was right in front of me during the contest.
so tonight i won a basket of goodies, 5 tickets to the party launch and stuffs from Adidas. Adidas is one of my favorite brand.

hmmm... what a night. and take note, it was my first time to listen to 89.9 Magic after 3months. blessed enough to win these stuff. from kropek ,which at first i don't know what it is, to Pejak who i knew just this night.


Laura said...

Oh man, congratulations with the 3 prizes! :) You were at the right place at the right time!
I can imagine how cool it must have felt :P

escape said...

yep. it was a funny at the same time a lucky experience.

honey said...

hahha, you have just outsmarted the people at the 89.9 Magic station,
because all was so easy when you could just browse the net and look for the answers in an instant..
i've been relying to the net most of the time also, hehehe,
lucky you, dong,



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