Saturday, February 16, 2008

islands to escape to

one of the best section of a bookstore is the travel section. i usually spend most of my time in a bookstore in this section. here's one of my favorite, the "Unforgettable" series. this book is the "Unforgettable Islands To Escape To Before You Die" which featured Palawan's islands of Bacuit . As always, the world really looks at Palawan as the best place to be when they visit the Philippines. Here are some of the pages from the book that featured the islands of Bacuit.
the "Unforgettable" book series also has another book entitled "Unforgettable Places To See Before You Die" also by Steve Davey. these books are worth buying especially for the travel geeks. check out their website

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honey said...

nice one,
at bookstores, i also cling to travel books, gardening, fiction, self-help and a lot more, hehehe,



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