Wednesday, February 13, 2008

is it still worth doing?

many people who serve the Lord are still doubting if they are indeed contributing something to their mission in bringing more Christians to the Lord. they spend their time, their resources and even their life to share their experience of loving and serving God but sometimes they fail. sometimes their efforts are gone unnoticed. sometimes their sacrifices seems to get nowhere. and they ask "is it still worth doing it?", "is there a sense of doing what God has called me to do?" and all the other questions that confuse Christians who devoted their life in serving God yet feel that their efforts were unnoticed, unappreciated or simply forgotten.

but little by little many Christians learned something very important. very important that it leads them to serving God even more despite the consequences. they learned that everything that they do for the Lord's name, the honor does not go to them but to God. and it was enough. enough reason to serve God more and to love God more.

from this, everytime they feel that no one is appreciating what they do. they simply look at God. because having God as their audience is more than enough.

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honey said...

..even if most of the efforts seemed futile, we must remember that, if we are truly serving God, we would not mind taking credits for what we have done, because for sure, God is watching our each step, and he is taking credit on each of our good deed even if no one is watching...



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