Friday, February 8, 2008

fasting and feasting

today's reading talks about what it really means to fast. taken from Isaiah 58:1-9, here you will learn that it is beyond eating less or abstaining. you may ask, what then would be the first formula for fasting?

look at your motives. look at your goal. look at yourself. look at your heart.

do you see God? is the Lord above everything? i mean everything.

here's an experience. during the Ash Wednesday, we are to abstain from eating meat. so right after mass we decided to go to a restaurant that offers sea foods. looking at the menu, we ordered sizzling pusit, rellenong bangus and sinigang na bangus. definitely no meat. we were abstaining from meat but we are eating the food that we like so much. isn't it odd that actually we were feasting, not fasting.

here you can see that we really need to know what it really means to fast. again look at your motives and focus on God. fasting when done purely for God's glory will lead to many things. from conversion to revival to spiritual empowerment.

focus on God.

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honey said...

many would just think that as long as they were not able to eat meat or the sort, then they already have fasted..
which is not the true essence of the celebration,
fasting is abstaining from the usual pleasures that we enjoy and focusing our energy towards God and how we have come to be now because of His own sacrifices for us.



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