Tuesday, February 19, 2008

dream of drums

my dad is a part of a band "Red Skull" which they named after Captain America's arch enemy. their band existed during the 60s and he play the drums but he can also play the guitar. having four sons, at least two can play the drums including me. i am not that good at playing drums my brother is good at it but we never had a band. one time when i went home to our province, me, my dad and my nephew jammed in our shop house. my dad was playing the guitar, i was the one on drums and our nephew is the one singing. i can never forget that night at least i had the chance of playing the drums with my dad and our nephew. i am talking about this because i once dreamed to really play the drums and learn it from the professionals. today, i still enjoy bands with good drum player like Dave Grohl, Lars Ulrich and bands like Sandwich, Fall Out Boy, Offspring and other bands.

check out this video of the band Queens of Stone Age with Dave Grohl playing the drums.

i hope i can play like Dave Grohl.

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honey said...

if pursuing your passions would be your goal, then it would never be far to achieve what you desire...
you have an innate talent to share to others,



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