Friday, February 15, 2008


many people fear the word "commitment" because it entails responsibility, loyalty, dedication and allegiance. so strong that it will require one of the most important values of our life. we may commit ourself to a choral, to a an environmental organization, to a hobby club or to a rebel group. it requires our time, resources and talents to be part of a body like these. but there is a more important commitment that seems to draw more fear than any other commitment. and this is to commit our life to God. to dedicate our life to God.

many fear this because it requires the dedication of LIFE itself.

but not knowing that in return we benefit even more from this commitment. because God already dedicated his only son to us. Jesus. what reason can we give to God not to accept His son? what reason can we give not to dedicate our life to God?

and when we speak of God, He deserves the best from us. not just our time, resources and talents but our best time, our best resources and our best talents.

commitment to other groups or organization might benefit us in many ways, but a commitment to God is assures us every purpose and hope that we need to live our life in its fullness.

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honey said...

i agree that a lot of people fear commitment,
and yeah, the greatest commitment of all is offering ourselves to God. greatest and the most difficult, life-changing and eternal,
but it is all worth it,
our sacrifices will be returned a hundredfold and more than that...



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