Saturday, February 9, 2008

city of pines

here are some views of the city of Baguio also known as the city of pines. this city is about 6hours from Manila. this was first occupied by the spaniards but was then developed by the Americans in the early 90s. now it is a big city with a population of about 250,000.this city is elevated at 1,500meters above sea level making the weather here very different from Manila. in the picture below, you can see the clouds covering one of the hills of Baguio.
if you get to visit Camp John Hay, you can stay at the Grand Manor Hotel. this hotel is surrounded by pine trees and flowers. the picture below is the inner part.

the view from Mines view park shows the other mountains surrounding this city.

there's also a big shopping mall which is located in one of the hills. the picture below shows Burnham park and the big mall on the hill.paying respect to our national hero, i visited his monument here.

passing by the ever busy Session road which leads to the market. most of the hotels, apartments and shops are along this road. and attending mass at the Baguio Cathedral was a must. thus completes our trip in the city of pines.

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honey said...

i have been to some of the nice spots there in Baguio, but we never had any luxury of time to visit each one of them..

i wish someday, i'd be able to come back there and pay tributes to those places..



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