Thursday, February 7, 2008

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effective yesterday the season of Lent has begun. here's a usual misconception for the acronym B.C. and A.D. we all know that B.C. means the time before Christ has live and many thought that A.D. stands for After Death of Christ. not knowing that A.D. actually stands for Anno Domini which means "in the year of the Lord".

let's point out what makes A.D. for after death is a misconception. if we say B.C. as before Christ then it covers all the years before Christ was born. and if we say A.D. as after the death of Christ it means the years after Christ's death. so what happens what do we call the years when Christ was with the world? from here you can see that A.D. should be Anno Domini and not After Death. this means that A.D. will cover the year from the time Jesus was born until now.

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honey said...

anno for year; domini for God/Lord..



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