Tuesday, February 5, 2008


when you visit Baguio you can see scenes like these, a mother and a child at their back.

way back then, the igorots used to do this because there were no yayas*. since they are working in their farm, they cannot leave the child alone at home. so they bring the children with them. in case there were two babies in the family the father will also have a child on his back. this was informed to me by my tita who is an Igorot.
in this picture when i was passing by the child was looking at me and i really want to take a pciture but i decided not to do it because the mother might not want it. but after a few-meter walk i decided to go back and take a picture. the child was still looking at me. this was taken at the Baguio City Market.
this can only be done in Baguio or in the areas of Benguet since the temperature here is not that hot. i cannot imagine somebody doing this in Metro Manila.
*house helpers

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honey said...

nor in cebu, people might just laugh at you, i bet,



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