Wednesday, January 9, 2008

weird wire web

I took this picture when I went out with my dad in Manila. walking along a street between Escolta and Ong Pin, I noticed again that just like in many places in the Philippines, you can see weird wirings here and there. This one is one of the worst. It looks more like a spider web than just connection of wires. As much as I want these lines see fixed, I hope somebody already noticed what wirings like these can cause.

I call this weird wire web.


honey said...

of course, there wasn't just "somebody" who has seen that weird wirings, but everyone else does,
no one just took the heart to care, even the authorities just shrugged their shoulders and looked the other way. tsk tsk tsk..too bad,


Anonymous said...

anywhere you go in manila, you can see the same scenery.

i hope we keep on blogging about this; and call the attention of the people concerned


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