Tuesday, January 8, 2008

stamps stamps

I used to collect stamps during my elementary and high school days. Until now I have my collections well kept and even studied how stamps are to be stored and removed from the envelope (although stamps are better collected when attached on the envelope). When I was in college, text messaging came in and less and less people send mails (now called snail mail), so I stopped collecting it. Just last month, we received many letters from friends, relatives and looking at the stamps, I just can't think of just throwing the envelopes with the stamps on it. So finally, I decided to collect stamps again. Sometimes it is costly but it's worth it. Not sure if many people still collect stamps nowadays. Might as well check out the Philippine philately.

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honey said...

with the advent of the new technology and the latest gadgets and gizmos, one might garble you as the caveman if you still send snail mails to friends and family.
but, for me, it still means a lot if i receive one, because i'd know the person took time to make the letter, walk to the post office, spend money for it and walk back home to wait for the reply. though it's not the all-time scenario, but the act connotes a deeper meaning than just sending senseless text messages which immediately reached you within seconds.
call me traditional, but mails are sweet messages enveloped in a piece of paper. hehehe, of course they are.
it's still wonderful to collect them...with the stamps on it.


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