Thursday, January 10, 2008

born to be wild

I have been watching the show "Born To Be Wild" in GMA 7 since it started last month. The show features the trips of mountain climber and adventurer Romi Garduce and veterinarian Doc Ferds Recio to the different places around the Philippines to update us on our country's environmental condition. making us more aware of how our environment degrades and what we can do to stop this. watching last night's television episode lead me to remembering our pinatubo adventure almost 2years ago. the episode featured the threatened forest of Polillo island and Mt. Pinatubo. I always look forward to watching this show as I have always believe in environmental degradation as a very important issue. Thanks to this show. It is aired every Wednesdays right after Saksi.
I will post more about our Mt. Pinatubo adventure by March as it enters its 17th year after its biggest eruption and exactly 2years after we have visited its amazing crater. It was one of our best adventure.

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honey said...

yeah, environmental degradation is such a big issue, coz, it's difficult to heal Mother Nature once the wound runs deeper,

how i wish i could be given the chance to go on adventures like that, hehhe,



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