Tuesday, January 8, 2008

merely blessed

I have been looking forward to buying the book entitled "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis. Looking at the price of the book in Powerbooks always lead me to think if it is really worth buying for the price of P600. I already read a part of his book "Screwtape Letters" and I am convinced that he is really a good writer. But again looking at the price, it still did'nt convince me to buy the book. That was months ago.

Last Sunday, I visited some of my co-servants in the city of San Pablo in Laguna. We shared things about serving Christ unconditionally while eating baked macaroni with meat balls at "Spaghetti House". Then Jecoy and Ajune, leaders from Lingkod San Pablo started sharing their vice which was to buy ukay ukay* books within the area and sell it to their friends at a price that the buyer wishes. That's cool! But what amazed me when they talk about the time when they were able to sell a set of C.S. Lewis books for P250. Two hundred fifty pesos??? When months ago I was looking at one book sold for P600. I asked if they found "Mere Christianity". Jecoy said yes! Wow! So I asked him to buy the book the next time he finds another copy. Going to their house to see some of his books. He then handed me his copy of "Mere Christianity" and showed me the price at the back of the book. P9! Nine pesos for a C.S. Lewis book??? Then he said "Sa yo na yan". What??? He is giving me his copy of the book. So blessed! From P600 to P9. Who could have thought that I will get this book for free in San Pablo. Thanks Jecoy!

I am merely blessed!

*ukay ukay - used things

1 comment:

honey said...

well, help comes unexpectedly...
when we most needed it,
or, in your case, should i say, BLESSING?! hehehe,
you intrigued me to get a glimpse of that book and see for myself if it's worth the price..
the next time i'll go visit Powerbooks or National Bookstore or Booksale (which are my favorite shopping place or "tambayan"), i might as well bump myself with "Mere Christianity".



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